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Did you get engaged over Valentine’s Day? Being newly engaged is amazing. There’s a new glow surrounding your relationship. Everybody is excited for you. You get to look forward to an epic party thrown in your honor. Not to mention the engagement ring on your finger. And yet….the difference between elation and panic is put on a knife’s edge unlike any other time in your life. Suddenly, everything you ever dreamed your wedding could be comes flooding back with the realization that the time has come to actually make it happen. I mean, you can’t really have a Princess Bride- or LEGO-themed wedding, right?….or can you?

Whether you’re still reveling in the immedate after-glow of the proposal or you’ve made the full pivot to planning the wedding, Closetbox wants to make your Valentine’s Day, your engagement, your wedding, your honeymoon, and your soon-to-be newlywed status as awesome and as stress-free as possible. We offer great wedding planning tips as part of our marriage, family, and life planning resources. Take a moment to learn why Valentine’s Day is both the best and worst day to get engaged. Then, take a tour of our Wedding Planning resource center. We have great information on everything from insuring your engagement ring to choosing a wedding planner, from setting a timeline and budget to using storage to get the extra space you need.


Why Valentine’s Day is the Best Day to Get Engaged

You and your fiancé did good, and this Valentine’s is one you’re never going to forget. Christmas and New Year’s are actually slightly more common for popping the question, but at least one study suggests that more women would prefer to wait till Valentine’s Day to get engaged. Indeed, while Christmas makes it easy to announce the engagement and see everybody’s reactions live, you also end up sharing the moment with presents and the traditional cheer of the holidays. With Valentine’s, the whole day dovetails with romance and yet hardly threatens to overshadow your newly engaged status.

Plus, spring is right around the corner! With the weather poised to start matching your mood, many people find that palpable sense of endless possibility. Assuming you’re in no rush to walk down the aisle, you’ll have all spring to look at magazines, go crazy on your social media accounts, and just think about wedding ideas in general. 


Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst Day to Get Engaged

Unfortunately, some newly engaged couples experience a similar dose of stress and unease once their thoughts turn to the details of planning the wedding itself. It doesn’t help to discover that the 30% of couples who got engaged in November and December have a two-month head start….Are you going to be able to hold the wedding at your favorite church, park, beach, vista, or event space? What exactly is the right combination of professional wedding photography/videography, disposable cameras, and guest cellphones? How much can you justify spending on floral arrangements? Are you going to be able to hire a band that you can trust to sound great and stick to your playlist? Who gets an invite and who doesn’t?

Take a couple breaths. Take a moment to look at or think of your betrothed. And don’t be afraid to remind yourself of the clichés: Your wedding is not your marriage. Even if every last thing goes wrong on your wedding day, you still have the rest of your lives together to look forward to.


More Storage Solutions for Young Couples

More to this point, we know that storage for the newly engaged isn’t always just about the wedding. More than just Valentine’s Day, a promotion at work may have been the reason why now was the right time to pop the question. You may be looking to store belongings while you and your fiancé move in together, travel on your honeymoon, and/or relocate as part of a new job offer. Even if you’re not already getting comments from your mother-in-law, it may not be long before you’re thinking about storage as part of babyproofing the home.