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When you think of interior design in Miami, it’s easy to fall into stereotypes. Bright colors. Open spaces.  Latin influences. Modern designs. And while those aren’t necessarily off the mark when it comes to characterizing how Miamians choose to design and decorate their spaces, Guimar Urbina of Kis Interior Design says that Miamians need to think bigger when they consider what an interior designer has to offer. While most people default to thoughts of a new set of furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and an art piece or two to spruce up their living rooms, Urbina stresses that interior designers have the ability to do a whole lot more.


Decorators vs. Designers in Miami

“It is important to know when you need a decorator versus an interior designer,” Urbina says, noting that many Miamians fail to understand the distinction between the two. “Decorators specialize in the final aesthetic touches and offer services for furniture, space layouts, color palettes, and accessories. Interior Designers are trained and licensed to work with construction and aspects that involve mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural renovations.” For Kis Interior Design, that means taking on a huge range of projects, from kitchens, living rooms, and beachfront patios, to custom-designed homes built from the ground up. “As an interior designer,” says Guimar, “we have the professional expertise of formulating a design concept, working out every single detail required, then bringing these ideas to real life.”


Kis Interior Design Does it All in Miami

In short, interior designers have the training and experience required to successfully manage a project through, from conception to completion. “During that process,” says Urbina, “interior designers work together with architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, manufacturers, and more.”  She stresses that the working relationships that interior designers develop across trades are key to making their work successful. For example, the fact that she has developed strong, trusted relationships with skilled, local tradesmen and craftspeople during her decade working as an interior designer in Miami, allows her to guarantee a standard of quality to her clients that would be nearly impossible for them to accomplish on their own. The same goes for once she gets to the materials and planning phases of a project. “After selecting merchandise and materials,” she says, “we place orders, administer them, schedule installations and deliveries accordingly, as well as make sure everything is on time for the final stages. Throughout all these steps we make sure there is no room for error, and in the case of complications we provide the solutions.” In short, when you hire an interior design firm like Kis Interior Design, cutting-edge design concepts are just scratching the surface of what you get for your investment.


What’s Hot in Miami Interior Design

Of course, just because Guimar has the chops to handle every aspect of a build, from managing contractors, to navigating the permit process, to material acquisition and project planning, it doesn’t mean that she’s not tapped into the cutting-edge design trends that Miami is known for. When it comes to interior design and Miami, Urbina says that the hottest trends tend to intersect with, and revolve around, the tropical location. “As with other tropical cities, Miami interiors work with the sunny, hot, beautiful weather,” she points out. “Trends include bright, open spaces that incorporate neutral colors, refreshing finishes, and intentionally selected bright, colorful accent pieces.” And if you’re a plant lover, Urbina says that Miami is the place for you. “One of the hottest design trends in Miami is the incorporation of foliage and interior landscape design,” Urbina says. “Plants bring a healthy quality and are stylishly placed within spaces.” What does she recommend? While Guimar incorporates plants of all sorts into her interior design concepts, she has an admitted soft spot. “I personally love interior trees,” she says, “such as the Fiddle Leaf Tree, that have a beautiful shape and color, as well as naturally filter the air!”


Finding the Right Interior Designer for You

Last, but not least, Guimar says that Miamians need to choose their interior designer as carefully as she selects the tradesmen and materials that contribute to her design projects. “People need to look for interior designers that fit their style,” she recommends. “It is important to do research and find interior designers that have experience that match your project’s needs. The same way you don’t go to a dentist to fix your broken arm, do not go to a traditional interior designer for an ultra-modern renovation.” And she says it’s important to find an interior designer that understands your needs and incorporates your life and lifestyle into the design. “I conduct interviews to learn about the client’s lifestyle, daily needs, future wants, and then create a concept and design around those elements,” she says. “This is very important when designing a private residence where functional details make all the difference.” The goal is to create a home or space that you can live in and that turns heads. “Miami is a city that is not afraid to make a statement,” she points out, so neither should you.

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