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Have you heard the news? Golf has been in a hole for two years, and a lot of these headlines are resurfacing in light of Nike’s announcement that they’re going to stop making golf balls and most other equipment. But as for the idea that golf is dying, we’re not buying it—especially not the direst predictions. Here’s some context from golf writer, Geoff Shackelford, that helps put these doomsday forecasts and Nike’s announcement into perspective.


Golf is Changing, Not Dying

Golf isn’t exactly free, but for more and more people, it’s the time constraints—and not the affordability factor—that are keeping them off the course. And golf has noticed. With its Play 9 marketing campaign, the USGA is actively trying to break down the idea that golf has to be an 18-hole affair. What used to be more of a focus on the 19th hole and getting golfers to stick around and spend more money after their rounds has become an emphasis on more dependable and personalized scheduling options.


Use the Holiday Season to Get in one More Round

Among the occasions that people do find time to golf is during the holidays. You have time off work. You’re with family, some of whom you may enjoy playing golf with and others whom you may be looking to get a break from. One common storage request we get is a partial storage return service when there’s a warm snap in the middle of winter. Maybe you’ve already put your clubs into storage for the winter. Or maybe you have your main set of clubs at home, but it makes more sense to get your spare set(s) out of storage than it does to have your out-of-town family members try to bring theirs. Either way, you can still get in one more round of golf with the family this year. If you have golf clubs in storage, Closetbox is able to deliver them to any golf course in our service area and then pick them up again when you’re ready to put them back into storage.


When Work/Play Balance Comes in Waves

Seasonal golf isn’t just about the weather. Just as often, it’s folded around the business cycle:


  • Take professional accountants in just one example. They often store their golf clubs early and get them back a little later. That’s because the busy tax accounting season includes Sept and early October, as well as mid-February to mid-April. Teachers are another good example. Their schedule and time commitments may be ridiculous during the school year, while summer provides more opportunity to get out on the course.


  • In contrast, real estate agents are often busiest during the spring and summer starting with peak listing season and then continuing through summer and fall closing time. Thus, while successful realtors market themselves and work with buyers/sellers throughout the year, a lot of them are willing to play in weather other than 70s and sunny, so long as their schedule permits.


The Golfers are Changing, Too

But here’s another point about time constraints: Not all marketing is for the young folk, and demographics aren’t always destiny. Many people discover or rekindle their love of golf after retirement or, say, once their kids are old enough to be thinking about which sport to play. Fewer young people in the game is concerning, but not a necessarily fatal trend.

Moreover, with potentially fewer men on the course, it creates more of an opening for women who prefer to learn and play the game without a heavy-handed male presence. Requiring both gross and fine motor control, golf is inherently a game for both sexes. (It’s also worth noting that Babe Didrikson Zaharias, one of the greatest athletes of all time, was perhaps best known for being a golfer.)  


How Closetbox is Part of the Problem and the Solution

The mixed results and changing attitudes toward golf are reflected in Closetbox’s own storage business….Yes, a lot of our customers put their golf clubs into storage, but they’re also one of the things people are most excited about getting out of storage. There’s a big difference between focusing on other parts of your life for a while, and giving the game up for good. To this end, our clean, climate-controlled storage and reliable valet service is designed with security and accessibility in mind.