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Whether you’re a seller, buyer, or realtor, you probably know that the housing market in Salt Lake City has been heating up over the last couple years. Low interest rates, demographics, and rising rent prices are bringing a good number of buyers into a local housing market that no longer has the inventory it once did. We wanted to find out how the current housing market affects the potential value of staging services, as well as some of the fundamentals that come with great home staging.

That’s why we reached out to Red Door Staging, a leader in Salt Lake City home staging with more than a decade of experience. We talked with owner Sarah Hansen about tips and trends in home staging.


Don’t Ignore the Value of Home Staging

The first thing Hansen told us is to make sure you don’t take your home or your home staging for granted. “People forget their home is their number one asset. You get used to living in your house, and it’s easy to get complacent.” If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you probably know what works for you, but it’s often a different story when the time comes to put your home on the market.

Even if your home is already beautifully furnished, don’t overlook supplemental staging, Hansen warns. “Maybe the couch isn’t perfect, or maybe the dining room table is dinged up,” Hansen cites as common examples. “Even something like a well-placed throw or fluffed-up pillows can make a difference.”

Moreover, while the market is heating up, Hansen recalls, “It’s still not to the point it was in 2007, where you did see some of that overconfidence that people could get the return they were looking for. If you’re playing hardball—whether you’re wanting to get top dollar or a shorter sales time—you need staging.” With this in mind, the tried-and-true wisdom still applies: If you have two homes for sale on the same street, the one that’s staged is going to do a lot better in terms of time and price.


More Home Staging Tips

  • Appeal to a Wider Audience. Here’s another great point Hansen helped us understand: The city’s population growth includes a lot of people moving in from out of state. These buyers don’t have a lifetime of knowledge about the home styles in the Salt Lake City area. Staging is a great way to ensure every buyer sees all that your home has to offer.
  • Make Sure the Staging is Ready. Do the staging before you put the house on the market, and be prepared to maintain it throughout the process. “You’d be surprised,” Hansen says, “Someone might call and ask if they can see the house in five minutes.” This is especially true now, when a lot of buyers are forced to make decisions on short notice with competing offers. You don’t want to lose your ideal buyer because they chose to settle on another home.
  • Avoid Last-Minute Issues with a Bigger Company. Now, when it comes to getting a property ready in the next five minutes, Red Door Staging can’t perform miracles. But as a high-volume stager, they have the kind of resources to take on projects and deal with problems on shorter notice.
  • Think about Asking for a Restage. It may not be your first priority, but staging is a great way to generate decorating ideas. In fact, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, if you fall in love with a material or furnishing, know that the stager can often install the same—or similar—décor on a permanent basis.

Using Storage for Home Staging and Home Sales

Do you need to remove personal belongings from your home as part of the staging process? Closets, shelves, basements, garages, and other storage spaces that are too full may create the impression that your property doesn’t have enough storage. Did home staging help sell your home so quickly that you haven’t found a new place yet? Do you have nicer furnishings that need a clean, climate-controlled, and pest-free storage environment? Look to Red Door Staging for your home staging. Then, find a smarter storage solution with our Salt Lake City storage center.