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The term “interior design” conjures a range of images—you might think of anything from a chic, 2,000 sq. ft. loft to a minimal, utility-driven studio apartment. No matter what type of space you’re looking to spruce up, deck out, or make the best use of, you should know that interior design is more accessible and affordable than you might imagine, especially in the Chicago area. We talked to Kathryn Cherne, lead designer and owner of Design Inside about interior design in our Chicagoland storage area.


What’s the Best Time to Hire a Designer

As with every home-related service, interior designers’ schedules usually align with spring cleaning and summer remodeling. “Right after Christmas, things are slow,” Cherne explained. “Once spring comes, people start to plan for their summer remodeling projects, so we get a trickle of work in March for the early planners. By the time April is here, things are getting more intense.”

Cherne took the time to comment on the need for spring cleaning and the importance of a yearly home-renewal: “Spring cleaning is more than a task—it’s a general push to refresh the home, so that spring fever translates into people evaluating their spaces more from a functional standpoint than the decorative push that we see in the fall. After home sales, we get a ton of people with interest in improving their home, from remodeling to just basic paint selection and even furniture selections.” If you’ve found yourself questioning previous paint and furniture choices while in the midst of your spring cleaning, you’re not alone. Spring and early summer is the perfect time to work with an interior designer.


Chicago Interior Design—It’s Not Just for Lofts

Chicago’s up-and-coming neighborhoods see the most interior design work: “We’ve seen more demand in the South and West Loop in recent years, as those areas have started to build up.” However, Design Inside serves more than just a few neighborhoods. Cherne explained, “We serve the suburbs and city, so we get a great variety of homes. For the city, we do a lot of duplex condos and townhomes for young couples. In the suburbs, we get to do single-family homes that serve more established families. It’s a privilege to serve these different needs.”


Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

“We protect people from themselves!” Cherne joked. There was, however, a kernel of truth to her statement: “It sounds very doom and gloom, but most clients have only worked on decorating up to two homes and have very limited remodeling experience.” An interior designer can also help streamline the process of remodeling or redoing your home; “we help optimize space in a unique way, since we have been trained to think about space more fluidly and abstractly. We know what kind of colors are livable versus just pretty on the card. In short, we have experience working under mentors and with hundreds of homes, so that means we, very simply, just know what works and what doesn’t.”

If you’re looking for a Chicago-Area interior designer, consider Design Inside. Their extensive profile, including a storage-friendly bedroom design and a budget-friendly bathroom remodel, is sure to pique your interest. Their goal is to provide accessible interior design to Chicagoan residents, regardless of budget and income. Design Inside wants to show their customers that interior design doesn’t have to cost a fortune.