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Need Storage? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

If you live in the greater Canton area, Closetbox offers full-service self storage for you. We do all the work, while you sit back and relax.

Simply pack up your belongings, Closetbox then picks up your boxes and heavy furniture and stores them securely. You can even have us bring back whatever you want, whenever you want it.

No truck rentals. No heavy lifting. No hauling it yourself. It’s the smart choice, so you can get back to enjoying all the best Canton has to offer. Get started by reserving your pickup today.


How we help


We give you a custom monthly storage rate so you only pay for what you store.


We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.


We securely store your belongings in your private, temperature-controlled vault.


View your items online and click to request any item returned.

Storage options fit to your exact needs.
$ --/mo
Compared to 5′ x 5′
$ --/mo
Small Room
Compared to 5′ x 10′
$ --/mo
1-2 Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 10′
$ --/mo
3+ Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 20′

Conveniently located everywhere.

Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Canton area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

3359 Bruening Cir SW, Canton, OH 44706 / 330.359.1998

Full-Service Storage In Canton, Ohio

Don’t waste your time trying to stuff your belongings into your car, then losing track of them at a storage facility–use Closetbox instead! Closetbox will do all the heavy lifting, moving and storage for you!

    • Pickup:

      Closetbox will send to professional handlers to your door to help move everything for you. Don’t hurt your back trying to move that dresser. Our people will do that for you! Storage has never been easier.

    • Secure Storage:

      Closetbox provides you with your own private storage vault in their secure warehouse. These vaults are environmentally controlled, to protect your belongings, and include state-of-the-art locks and security.

    • Return Services:

      Closetbox offers on-demand return services of anything and everything. As a Closetbox customer, you will have access to a digital inventory of everything in your private storage vault. Want that couch back? Go to your online inventory, select the couch and our professional movers will deliver it right back to your front door. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Don’t get caught moving on gameday, let Closetbox do that for you! There’s no sense wasting a day breaking your back on the interstate. Storage should be an easy and simple process–with Closetbox, it is.

Change The Way You Think About Canton Storage Solutions

While most local storage facilities utilize hidden moving fees, constant rent hikes and shoddy security, Closetbox has taken the opposite approach. At Closetbox, customers possessions are treated as our own. That’s why you’ll see us refer to what you store as “belongings”, not “items”. Take the worry out of storage with Closetbox. Our Canton storage solution is reliable, affordable and convenient.

Those Ohio winters are no joke, and cold air like that can easily ruin all kinds of items if they are improperly stored. That’s why Closetbox builds environmentally-controlled storage vaults, so you can keep your storage vault climate at exactly what you need to best protect your belongings.

Don’t waste your time lugging all your belongings to and from Akron-Canton Airport, let Closetbox do it for you! Our professional handlers will make sure your belongings get to your storage vault, and back, safely and efficiently, so you can spend your time doing something other than sitting in traffic on I-77.

Storage In Canton, Ohio

Pro Football Hall of Fame: Closetbox is the perfect option for those Canton residents who rent unused rooms, even entire homes to football fans who come from all over the world to visit the birthplace of professional football. Have extra space underneath all that unused stuff? Use Closetbox storage! You won’t even have to waste a day of leave to go store your stuff, Closetbox will deliver it to your own private vault for you.

William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum: A local favorite, and tourist draw, the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum brings a slew of history buffs and extended relatives to town. As children move on to college, or into a place of their own, clear up your space and save their belongings where they won’t be damaged. Store excess clothing and furniture in your own private storage vault and you’ll always be ready for when they come home to visit!

Students: With colleges and universities nearby, Canton is a transient town. If you’re leaving to study abroad, for summer break, or find yourself in Canton for just a few months, Closetbox is an ideal storage solution for anyone who needs a secure space for their belongings. Your move doesn’t need to distract your from your work, store everything from your textbooks to your mattress in your own private storage vault.

Popular Canton Storage Solutions From Closetbox

    • Major Life Changes: Even if you tend to live a more spartan lifestyle, there are still life situations that necessitate storage. Are you going through a divorce? Are you helping with the estate of a loved one who has passed? Are you having a family? There are many situations that lend themselves to storage in Canton, Ohio. If you find yourselves in one of those situations, Closetbox will be there to offer professional, affordable and convenient storage.

    • Small Businesses:

      Canton has an evolving economy, and a lot of local businesses! If you are a small business owner, or are considering opening a small business, having a storage space can be crucial for effective inventory management. At Closetbox, a large portion of our clients are using their storage vaults for commercial purposes. Do you need to go to a tradeshow? You’re going to need the right equipment, and a Closetbox storage vault is the ideal place to keep everything safe when it’s not in use.

    • Renting:

      Ohio is home to many great collegiate and professional sports teams, but Canton is known for football. Throughout summers and during football season, fans from Cleveland to Columbus are sure to make a stop in Canton. Maximize this opportunity to turn your home into a temporary residence by storing excess belongings in controlled location. Closetbox has several storage options large enough to accommodate several off-road vehicles during the off season. Don’t let a lack of space be the reason you don’t off road.

If you live in the greater Canton area, and think you made need professional storage services, please take the time to reach out to the people at Closetbox. We are polite, professional, highly trained and ready to help!

Ready? We got this.

Request your pickup date or give us a call. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, while you get back to the better things in life.



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