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Need storage in the Chattanooga area? Closetbox will come to you, pick up your belongings, and store them securely.
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Carol H.

Boston, MA

 "I am obsessed with the customer service at Closetbox! I must have called 10 times with changes and stress, but your team was calm and helpful every time!"

Elle S.

Los Angeles, CA

"I’d recommend Closetbox to anyone. They came and picked up my stuff and stored it, too. When I needed to get something out of storage they made it easy and convenient. I like that each time I take something out of storage my monthly payment goes down."

Rob L.

Atlanta, GA

"Great price, wonderful service. If I ever need storage again I’ll use these guys. Best storage experience I’ve ever had."

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6059 Relocation WayOoltewahTN 37363 / 423.375.8992

Professional Storage Solutions In Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee, and due to the large number of highways and railroads that run through it, is generally considered one of the major transit hubs in the area. While being a transit hub does make for cheap flights, it also makes for a lot of traffic. Don’t waste your time sitting in traffic on I-75, let Closetbox do the heavy lifting for you!

Easy Pickup- The worst part of using storage is getting your belongings to and from the storage unit. It feels like moving all over again. So skip that part! Closetbox will do all the moving for you. Closetbox will send their movers to your door and they’ll safely bring all of your belongings right to your storage vault! Storage has never been easier.

Secure Storage- Of course, whenever you store your belongings somewhere you want to make sure they are safe! A simple padlock is no longer sufficient in 2017. That’s why Closetbox has taken the time to invest in contemporary security measures for all of their storage vaults. At Closetbox, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are kept safe by a state-of-the-art keypad and 24/7 security cameras.

Return Service- Just like with their pickup service, Closetbox offers return services as well! Don’t waste your time trying to navigate the Chattanooga traffic. Instead, simply go to your online inventory, select the items you want taken out of your vault, and Closetbox will have professional movers deliver your belongings from your vault all the way back to your front door.

With over 176,000 people living in Chattanooga, it can be hard to find enough space for your belongings! Professional storage solutions are ideal for people living in an urban environment who need a little bit extra space. If you live in the greater Chattanooga, TN area and need a professional storage solution, consider Closetbox.

Change The Way You Think About Chattanooga Storage

People find themselves in Chattanooga for a number of reasons. Whether you are in Chattanooga for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the city life, or the lightning fast internet that caused the city to be known as “Gig City”, you may find yourself in need of a professional storage solution.

While many local storage services implement shady tactics like random rent hikes, hidden moving fees and subpar security, Closetbox takes the opposite approach. With Closetbox, storage has never been easier, safer and more affordable.

The hot and humid environment in Tennessee can make it difficult to safely store certain belongings if they aren’t in the proper climate. That’s why Closetbox offers environmentally-controlled storage vaults, so no matter what you are storing, you know it will be safe and undamaged until you need it again.

Don’t waste your time sitting in Chattanooga traffic, or pay exorbitant prices for subpar storage service. If you live in the greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area and are in need of a professional storage solution, look no further than Closetbox.

Popular Chattanooga, Tennessee Storage Solutions

Outdoor Adventures: Outside Magazine once named Chattanooga, Tennessee as “The Best Town Ever”, and with good reason. Chattanooga provides easy access to some of the nation’s best rock climbing, hiking trails, biking trails, even hang gliding! If you have any interest in outdoor adventures, Chattanooga is a great town to live in. Unfortunately, outdoor hobbies tend to come with copious amounts of gear, and that can be tough to store in an urban environment! Closetbox is the perfect storage solution for all that seasonal gear. They’ll make sure you gear is safe, and ready to go the next time you need it!

Small Businesses: Chattanooga has a booming economy and a fairly low unemployment rate, meaning it’s a great place to open a small business! Leasing an office space can get expensive, especially if you need room for inventory. Closetbox is always ready to help out small business owners by giving them a safe, affordable space to keep their inventory, or trade show supplies.

College Storage: Chattanooga plays host to several colleges and universities including the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Many students can’t afford to bring all of their furniture home for the summer, or with them if they travel. Rather than lose a fortune on renting an apartment that they don’t even use, many students choose to rent a storage vault from Closetbox. Closetbox makes storage easy, safe and affordable and is a great option for traveling students in the greater Chattanooga area.

If you live in Chattanooga, Tennessee and ever find yourself at a point in your life where you are considering utilizing a professional storage service, be sure to give Closetbox a call. Their storage solutions are perfect for everyone from students to rock climbers and they are always willing to work with you to find the ideal storage solution for your needs.

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