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Live in Denver? Closetbox will come to you,
pick up your belongings, and store them securely.
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Need Storage? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

If you live in the Denver metro area, Closetbox offers full-service self storage for you. We do all the work, while you sit back and relax.

Simply pack up your belongings, Closetbox then picks up your boxes and heavy furniture and stores them securely. You can even have us bring back whatever you want, whenever you want it.

No truck rentals. No heavy lifting. No hauling it yourself. It’s the smart choice, so you can get back to enjoying all of the Front Range's natural beauty and charm. Get started by reserving your pickup today.



How we help


We give you a custom monthly storage rate so you only pay for what you store.


We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.


We securely store your belongings in your private, temperature-controlled vault.


View your items online and click to request any item returned.

Storage options fit to your exact needs.
$ --/mo
Compared to 5′ x 5′
$ --/mo
Small Room
Compared to 5′ x 10′
$ --/mo
1-2 Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 10′
$ --/mo
3+ Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 20′

Conveniently located everywhere.

Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Denver area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

Denver Neighborhoods

4100 E Mississippi, Ste 1000, Denver, CO 80246 / 303.720.7754

Full Service Storage in Denver

Don’t waste your time hauling stuff through all of this Denver traffic. Let Closetbox do that heavy lifting for you.

  • Pickup of your stuff in your home. Don’t move that couch or that dresser. Our guys will do it for you.
  • Secure storage in your own personal vaults in our warehouse.
  • On-demand return of anything or everything. Want that chair back? Just ask for it. Want everything back? We’ll bring it all right to you.

I-70 and I-25 traffic are just killers these days. Don’t waste a whole day breaking your back and sitting on the interstate. Let us do it so you can enjoy these sunny days.

Find a Better Answer for Your Denver Storage Units

With all the area’s natural and metropolitan charms, many local residents have plenty of recreational and occupational belongings. But a thriving city center doesn’t leave a lot of room for sprawling residential space. Too often, traditional self-storage units are more trouble than it’s worth. Storage containers are rarely as affordable or as convenient as they’re made out to be. Our solution for Denver storage is convenient, dependable, and cost-effective.

You may not always want to drink Coors Light, but this doesn’t mean you want to pay $7.50 for a pint of micro-brew, either. Likewise, with Closetbox, you’ll get incredibly convenient storage and a higher quality of service without sacrificing affordability. Bottom-line, we encourage you to compare our prices with the competition for Denver storage units. Just remember to add the cost of gas and extra packing and hauling supplies. And, even then, you still need to ask the other guys about hidden fees that may apply.

Popular Denver Storage Resources from Closetbox

  • Bigger, longer, and cyclical storage needs create a real danger of you losing track of what exactly is in storage. Not with our online tracking and user-friendly dashboard feature.
  • Smart consumers are looking to avoid the frustrations of hidden administrative fees and overcharging for unit space. Our exact storage pricing can better accommodate projects of any size.
  • Have more time on your hands at the end of your project? Looking for the same level of push-button convenience as our complimentary service? Need only a few items out of storage? Our multiple return options ensure personalized, responsive solutions for every customer.

Concierge and Seasonal Storage in Denver

We serve central Denver neighborhoods like Cherry Creek, Highlands, Golden Triangle, and LoDo, as well as residential areas throughout the greater metro area including Centennial, Golden, and Henderson. In fact, Closetbox pretty much serves the entire Front Range. Our Denver storage facility and handling team travels to the immediate Colorado Springs area, while we have a separate site for Northern Colorado, including Boulder and Ft. Collins. No matter where you are or what time of year it is, you won’t have to fight the traffic on I-70 or I-25. Not when you choose Closetbox. Many local residents have taken their love of skiing and alpine sports to the next level, where they own quite a bit more gear than just a helmet and goggles. Moreover, while you may have a great storage set up at Vail, Copper Mountain, or another resort favorite, it’s frequently the off-season that presents the bigger storage problem. Don’t let your home get overrun with seasonal storage. Let Closetbox make sure you can enjoy all the beauty and opportunity without ruining the open spaces of your home.

More about the Denver Storage Units from Closetbox

Our Denver storage units are climate-controlled but we don’t have deep refrigeration or strict humidity control, so leave your wine and other craft beverages in a specialty cabinet that’s equipped to deal with the dry mountain air. With very few exceptions, we’ll take most household items including your storage boxes, furniture, and other larger items (so long as they can be moved by two professional handlers).

Ready? We got this.

Request your pickup date or give us a call. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, while you get back to the better things in life.



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