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Carol H.

Boston, MA

 "I am obsessed with the customer service at Closetbox! I must have called 10 times with changes and stress, but your team was calm and helpful every time!"

Elle S.

Los Angeles, CA

"I’d recommend Closetbox to anyone. They came and picked up my stuff and stored it, too. When I needed to get something out of storage they made it easy and convenient. I like that each time I take something out of storage my monthly payment goes down."

Rob L.

Atlanta, GA

"Great price, wonderful service. If I ever need storage again I’ll use these guys. Best storage experience I’ve ever had."

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1600 Prosser RdKnoxvilleTN 37914 / 865.257.9943

Professional Storage Solutions In Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee is one of those places that people always call a “hidden gem” when describing it. Which is surprising given that Knoxville is substantially larger than even Chattanooga, with a population closing in on 200,000 people. That doesn’t sound very hidden, but the sentiment rings true–Knoxville Tennessee is a vibrant, growing city with a lot to offer–including storage!

No, we are not talking about those old Knoxville self-storage companies that are infamous for hidden fees, raising rents and trashy units. We’re talking about Closetbox! Closetbox is changing the way Knoxville residents think about storage. Here’s why:

Professional Pickup Services- Don’t worry about finding vacation hours, or feigning an illness, to find the time to move your belongings into a storage unit, let Closetbox do that for you!  Closetbox is ready to help. We will send movers to your home to safely and carefully move your belongings to your own private storage vault. All you have to do is make sure your items are packed up and ready to go–it really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Online Inventories- It is truly puzzling how many contemporary storage facilities do not effectively utilize the technology available to all of us in 2017. Closetbox does not make that mistake. From state-of-the-art locks and surveillance systems, to an online inventory that is constantly updated so you always know what’s in your vault, Closetbox makes sure that they stay on the cutting-edge of consumer technology storage solutions.

Professional Delivery Services- Don’t waste your time sitting in traffic on I-75, Closetbox will do that for you! Much like their pickup services, Closetbox offers return services as well. All you have to do is go to your online inventory, select the items you would like retrieved from your vault and wait! Closetbox will send two professional handlers to safely deliver your belongings right back to your front door. That means you can safely and affordably utilize a professional storage company without ever having to set foot in a storage unit!

Knoxville is a growing city, utilizing Closetbox will ensure that you have the space to grow with it! If you live in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area and are considering professional storage, be sure to check out Closetbox.

A Better Knoxville, Tennessee Storage Solution

The Knoxville of today looks vastly different when compared to the Knoxville of even, say, five years past. The city continues to grow at an exponential rate, and finds itself becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, due in no small part to its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Whether you find yourself in Knoxville for the craft beer, urban charm, or the plethora of outdoor adventure options, one thing remains true–you’re going to need a place to put all your stuff! Unless you have a large house, it can be difficult to find space for your seasonal items without cluttering your home. Closetbox can help! Their easy and affordable storage options in Knoxville ensure you have room for all of your gear, even off-road vehicles. If you do plan on storing a vehicle that requires a larger unit than normal, be sure to let Closetbox know when you are pricing out your options.

If you need a professional storage solution in the greater Knoxville area, no one will save you more time, peace of mind and money than Closetbox. What are you going to do with all that extra time? That’s up to you! Knoxville has a lot to offer from the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame to Market Square, there’s something for everyone.

Popular Knoxville Storage Solutions

Small Business- Knoxville is a hub of entrepreneurship in Tennessee, and as such a lot of people find themselves starting a small business there. Small businesses tend to necessitate inventory, but it can be tough to afford a large space during your first two years of business. Closetbox can help! Closetbox often does business with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them store their trade show materials or excess materials at a price that won’t break their bottom line.

Outdoor Hobbies- Whether you enjoy paddle boarding down the Tennessee River, zip lining at Navitat or simply spending a relaxing day at the Knoxville Zoo, this city has a lot to offer! Unfortunately, outdoor hobbies often necessitate a lot of gear (have you seen a full-size paddle board!?) which in turn necessitate space to keep that gear! That’s where Closetbox comes in. Don’t stress about where you’re going to put your gear in the office season, use Closetbox. Their environmentally controlled storage vaults are ideal for keeping your gear safe and secure until you need again.

College- Knoxville plays host to numerous prestigious colleges and universities including The University of Tennessee, which has its flagship campus there. Students are always traveling, whether it be for summer vacation, spring break or a semester abroad. But if they don’t go to school close to home, it can be difficult to find a place for all their stuff while they’re gone. Closetbox is the perfect solution, and has a history of working with students. Let Closetbox worry about storage, so you can worry about school.

The bottom line is this–if you live in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area and ever find yourself considering a professional storage solution, do yourself a favor, and consider Closetbox! Closetbox is transforming the Knoxville storage scene through exemplary services, affordable rates and hassle-free rental agreements.

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