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Need Storage? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

If you live in the Queens area, Closetbox offers full-service self storage for you. We do all the work, while you sit back and relax.

Simply pack up your belongings, Closetbox then picks up your boxes and heavy furniture and stores them securely. You can even have us bring back whatever you want, whenever you want it.

No truck rentals. No heavy lifting. No hauling it yourself. It’s the smart choice, so you can get back to enjoying all of Queens’ local charm and beauty. Get started by reserving your pickup today.



How we help


We give you a custom monthly storage rate so you only pay for what you store.


We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.


We securely store your belongings in your private, temperature-controlled vault.


View your items online and click to request any item returned.

Storage options fit to your exact needs.
$ --/mo
Compared to 5′ x 5′
$ --/mo
Small Room
Compared to 5′ x 10′
$ --/mo
1-2 Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 10′
$ --/mo
3+ Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 20′

Conveniently located everywhere.

Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Queens area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

100 Bowne St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718.509.9599

Full-Service Storage in Queens

From Flushing down to Rockaway Park, and everywhere in between, take the stress out of storage in Queens with our full-service storage solutions.

  • Pickup means that we do all of the dirty work, from loading your items onto the truck, to fighting through traffic on the way to the storage facility.
  • Secure storage because you have more important things to worry about than your belongings and the storage facility they’re being housed in.
  • On-demand return thanks to our innovative online dashboard. Just submit a request using your itemized online inventory, and your stored items will be returned in no time.

Full-Service Storage in Queens, New York

It doesn’t matter which Queens neighborhood you call home, everybody knows that you can lose hours of your life on the GCP trying to get from Queens Boulevard to Liberty Avenue. And if you jump off the expressway, the traffic on 188th, Jamaica, or Springfield can swallow you up just as easy. That’s exactly why the idea of full-service storage is catching on in Queens. This concierge service starts with complimentary pickup whether you live in Astoria, Ozone Park, Corona, or Richmond Hill. We’ll load your items onto our truck and deliver them free of charge to one of our lock-tight, monitored storage facilities. And since we label and catalog all of your items before putting them in storage, you can access your belongings any time you need them. Just log on to your online dashboard, check your itemized inventory, and you can have any, or all, of your stored items returned to you at the click of a mouse.

Reasons to Choose Full Service Storage in Queens

  • Geographically, Queens is the largest borough of New York City, with close to 2,500,000 people that call it home. That’s a lot of ground that you have to cover, and a lot of people to navigate through, on your way to self storage units in Queens. Add to that the influx of traffic that goes hand in hand with 90,000,000 travelers coming and going from La Guardia and JFK every year, and it goes without saying that our complimentary pickup and on-demand return make life a whole lot easier for the residents of New York’s second most populated borough.
  • The commute from Queens to the City is one of the best of the five boroughs and is perfect if you work in Manhattan but don’t want to live there. That, coupled with a diverse range of neighborhoods to choose from, makes Queens a hot spot for those looking to move a stone’s throw away from NYC.  Case-in-point, the suburban feel of neighborhoods like Jamaica Estates, Bellerose, and Forest Hills are a strong draw for those looking for a family-friendly community to call home. And if you’re an up-and-coming Manhattan professional, Astoria is a twenty-minute commute from the island and boasts affordable housing and a healthy nightlife, all for a fraction of the cost of living across the East River. Regardless of why you’ve chosen to relocate to Queens, moving is one of the most popular reasons that our customers search out full-service storage.
  • Queens has been, and continues to be, a center of culture, arts, and good times in New York City. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald called the borough home, as did hip hop legends Run D.M.C., and rock pioneers, The Ramones. Neighborhoods like Long Beach City are known for their art galleries, nightclubs, and posh restaurants. And the ethnic diversity that defines most Queens neighborhoods means that you’re never too far away from a culinary experience you’ll never forget. In short, why waste your time hunting down storage units in Queens when you can be spending a day at Rockaway Beach or catching a Mets game a Citi Park? The best storage in Queens is full service storage because it frees you up to do whatever you matters most to you.

Flexible Storage Rates

At Closetbox, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to storage.  In fact, we’ve built our business on the idea that everybody we serve deserves a custom storage plan that fits their particular storage needs. When it comes to cost, that means a tiered pricing system that only charges you for the space you need, so that you’re getting a fair shake whether you just need to store a few boxes or you need to store a few rooms worth of them. Call today to get an estimate on a Queens storage solution from Closetbox!

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