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Tired of the hassles associated with conventional self-storage options? Loading a vehicle, driving to an out of the way storage facility, then unloading everything yourself can end up taking half the day, and finding the necessary help for heavy lifting can be an issue. While your friends and family mean well, breaking a piece of antique furniture on the pavement can leave everybody sour. The new, concierge-style Sanford storage does away with the headaches attached to normal self-storage options.

With the downtown area attracting businesses and residents, there’s always a need for more storage space. We serve both commercial and residential Sanford storage needs, so whether you’re a resident preparing to move into new waterfront property off Lake Monroe, or you’re a small business looking for a secure place for your overstock, know that we can make your life convenient with cost-effective storage options. And with the area's heat and humidity, storing anything from documents, photographs, instruments, or record albums can be dangerous without the proper climate control. Our Orlando storage units are maintained at 65-85 degrees so that your belongings won’t be impacted by the heat or humidity.


Our Concierge Method of Self-Storage

Getting started is simple––just follow these three steps to begin:

Step 1: Gather any smaller items you plan to store and box them up. Don’t worry about your larger items, as we offer complimentary packaging material, and our handlers can take care of anything too large or heavy.

Step 2: Roughly calculate the amount of space you’ll require. This ballpark estimate helps to give us an idea of your storage needs.

Step 3: Schedule your free initial pickup.

Two professional, licensed handlers will come to your door and do all the loading, driving, and unloading for you. If you’re curious about what we can store, we’ll take anything that two strong handlers can carry, with the exception of perishables and fire hazards like bulk stationery. While they do the loading, a personal concierge will help you make an itemized inventory. This list is accessible anytime thanks to our online dashboard, which lets you track the items you have stored with us, and even request a return delivery service for a reasonable fee. We offer the following services and resources:

  • 24/7 Monitoring (no unsupervised access permitted)
  • Rigorous Background Checks for All Employees
  • Multiple Return Options
  • Extra Box and Packing Supplies Delivery (to your door for a small fee)
  • Exact Storage Pricing
  • Online Account Management
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Valuables Coverage Available


Don’t Pay for Space You Don’t Use

With our exact storage pricing, rates start as low as $12/month. If you’re just trying to store some out of season decorations or an old bag of golf clubs, you shouldn’t have to pay for an entire unit. If you do have larger storage needs, our different unit sizes for Sanford storage are able to create discounts per square foot as your project reaches the next qualifying size:

  • Closet: 5x5 space
  • Small Room: 5x10 space
  • 2-3 Rooms: 10x10 space
  • 3+ Rooms: 10x20 space

Call or make reservations online today and get started.


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  • Secured & Tracked. Your storage is safely secured in our facility. Track via your dashboard.
  • On-Demand Return. One click to request any item to be returned to your door.