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We also offer a range of features designed to make sure your 27612 storage is safe and accessible:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Rigorous Background Checks
  • Climate-Controlled Facilities
  • Complimentary Shrink Wrap, Blankets, and Breathable Bags
  • Professional, Licensed Storage Handlers
  • On-Demand Delivery Service or Self-Storage Return Pickup
  • Online Account Management
  • Insured and Bonded with Valuables Coverage Available

Like our pickup service, these features are included in your monthly payment. You won’t have to seek third-party providers, juggle multiple bills, or overpay to get the service you deserve. If you have a question about our resources, give us a call.


Why Climate Control is Important for Safe 27612 Storage

Like in surrounding towns and cities, Raleigh’s summers are long, hot, and humid. Most days average around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but temperatures have been known to climb past the 100 degree mark. The city’s unique geographical position also comes with chilly winters. With light snow and temperatures dipping below the freezing point, Raleigh experiences extremes on both ends of the spectrum.

You know how to protect yourself from the climate, but your belongings may tell a different story. Home heating and cooling units can help keep your furniture safe, but once it’s out of sight–i.e. in a storage unit–items may suffer from climate-related dangers. Your wooden bedroom set can warp and fade, and your clothing, bedding, and fabrics can accumulate mold and mildew. A climate-controlled unit is the only responsible choice for most storage projects, but too many companies only offer this service at an additional fee.

Closetbox is different. Climate control is standard for all our units, so you can sleep well knowing your belongings are protected from the elements. Want extra protection? Our standard insurance is $0.60/lb, but you can always opt for Valuables Coverage. The safety of your belongings is our highest priority.


Our Exact Storage Unit Pricing

We have the accommodations to fit any size and budget. Our rates start at just $12/month. If your project is on the larger side (you might need to store the North Carolina State Fair booth you only bring out once a year, or maybe you have nearly an entire home's worth of furniture), our full-sized units and corresponding rates are listed below. Either way, know that with Closetbox you'll never pay for more storage than you need.

  • $61.20/month for a 5x5 space
  • $84.42/month for a 5x10 space
  • $138.96/month for a 10x10 space
  • $299.04/month for a 10x20 space

Whether you live in Crabtree Woods or Glen Lake South, Fieldstream Farm or Turnberry, we provide the best service for your 27612 storage needs. Schedule your free pickup today.


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We securely store your belongings in your private vault, inside our environment-controlled facility.

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We return it

Need something back? Simply request return delivery with a click from your myClosetbox account.

Manage your belongings

Storage options fit to your exact needs.

5′ x 5′

Closet  •  $69.99 / mo

5′ x 10′

Small Room
Small Room  •  $109.99 / mo

10′ x 10′

1-2 Rooms
1-2 Rooms  •  $179.99 / mo

10′ x 20′

2-3 Rooms
2-3 Rooms  •  $339.99 / mo

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Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the Find Simple, Convenient 27612 Storage with Closetbox Metro Area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

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