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Get Convenient, Hassle-Free 27613 Storage with Closetbox

Schedule your pickup by phone or online. On your selected date, two licensed, professional storage handlers will arrive at your home, office, or business. We’ll shrink-wrap whatever furniture you have, load everything into a moving van, and deliver your belongings safely to our nearby facility. With us, you won’t have to hire movers, rent a van, or search for van parking on Norwood Road. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Our 27613 Storage is Cost-Effective and Personalized 

This part of Raleigh is a fast-growing residential area of the city. Providing transportation corridors for U.S. Route 60 and Interstate 540, 27613 provides the comforts of suburbia with quick access to major metropolitan areas. This makes the area a great place to raise a family. With an influx of residents moving out of central Raleigh, rent and property taxes are increasing. You probably have more neighbors, less space, and less money than you’re used to. You might be looking to declutter, downsize, or save some money on everyday services.

We have the accommodations to fit any size and budget. We never charge you for unused space. For your larger 27613 storage projects, we recommend taking a look at our full-capacity unit costs to get a quick price estimate:

  • Closet: 5x5 space
  • Small Room: 5x10 space
  • 2-3 Rooms: 10x10 space
  • 3+ Rooms: 10x20 space

If you’re not sure how much space your project necessitates, we can help you out. Estimate your storage needs when scheduling the initial pickup. Shortly thereafter, a personal concierge assistant will itemize your belongings and double-check the price quote. This service ensures that you get the lowest rate possible. Whether you live in Boulder Creek or Paddock, Marlowe Woods or Hyde Park, we have the storage solution to fit your needs.


Discover our Full Range of Features

Complete 27613 storage doesn’t stop at convenience and affordability. We’ve designed a range of features meant to ensure that your Closetbox experience is as secure and accommodating as possible. These safety and accessibility resources are necessary for any responsible storage solution:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Rigorous Background Checks
  • No Hassle Pickup Service
  • Climate-Controlled Facilities
  • Complimentary Shrink Wrap, Blankets, and Breathable Bags
  • Professional, Licensed Storage Handlers
  • On-Demand Delivery Service or Self-Storage Return Pickup
  • Online Account Management
  • Insured and Bonded with Valuables Coverage Available

Of particular importance for total storage security is our climate-controlled facility. In Raleigh especially, this feature is necessary for keeping your stored belongings safe. Additionally, like our pickup service, these features come standard with your monthly rate. You won’t have to seek third-party providers, juggle multiple bills, or accidentally overpay. For secure, convenient, and affordable storage solutions, choose Closetbox.

We pick it up

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Our Pickup Service

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We securely store your belongings in your private vault, inside our environment-controlled facility.

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Need something back? Simply request return delivery with a click from your My Closetbox account.

Manage your belongings

Storage options fit to your exact needs.

5′ x 5′

Closet  •  $64.99 / mo

5′ x 10′

Small Room
Small Room  •  $94.99 / mo

10′ x 10′

1-2 Rooms
1-2 Rooms  •  $159.99 / mo

10′ x 20′

2-3 Rooms
2-3 Rooms  •  $309.99 / mo

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Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Northwest Raleigh area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

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