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Bay Area self-storage doesn’t have to be the headache-filled, time-consuming mess of dealing with overpriced storage companies that aren't as reliable or convenient as they like to pretend. Stop worrying about your upcoming storage project, and put more time back in your schedule without getting raked over the coals by sky-high storage costs. Discover the complete, concierge storage model from Closetbox, currently serving the San Francisco area.

Here's how it works:

1. Box up any smaller items. By retaining this traditional element of Bay Area self-storage, we can provide reasonably-priced storage solutions without asking you to leave the comfort of your own home.

2. Estimate the size of your total storage load. A concierge professional will be in touch to confirm your order and provide a cost estimate based on an itemized inventory.

3. Schedule your free pickup date. Our licensed storage handlers will ensure your items are safely unloaded at our local storage facility. We’ll provide complimentary shrink wrap, protective covering, and packing for your larger items to ensure safe transport.


5 Things about Bay Area Self-Storage in San Francisco

  • Slope and Transit Access: Certainly in many areas of downtown San Francisco, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods, many residents live in neighborhoods with steeply-sloped, tightly-curved streets. Shuttling your items back and forth can be quite the challenge, to say the least.
  • Cost-Effective Storage: We're not saying that you can't find self-storage units with a lower base price. But we do suggest you take into account the hidden fees and secondary moving costs to ensure an apples-to-apples cost comparison. Moreover, we offer an exact storage pricing model. Your individual storage cost is based on your itemized inventory, not unused storage unit space.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: Given the continued presence of summer heat waves, one of the new priorities for Bay Area self-storage is climate-controlled storage units. We have units available that maintain a constant, moderate temperature. To find the best storage option, you don't want to be relegated to only searching within coastal micro-climates. 
  • Secure Storage Facilities: Too often, self-storage units fail to provide the level of security your storage items deserve. Basic locks aren't enough when other customers have unfettered access to the storage facility. Closetbox provides 24/7 monitoring and rigorous background checks. Plus, other customers don't have unsupervised access.
  • Personalized Retrieval Options: To this point, if you want to pick up your own self-storage, that's no problem. We simply ask you call ahead to let us know when you'll be dropping by, so we can have someone ready to assist. Our commitment to customer service in this regard is unwavering. Yet, we also offer an affordable, on-demand return delivery service that can be scheduled ahead of time and typically completed within 24 hours.


Local Storage Solutions from Closetbox

From homeowners and tenants with limited floor plans to a wide range of storefront businesses and commercial enterprises, Closetbox offers versatile storage resources. There are a few things that we did have to rule out—refrigeration and food perishables, bulk stationery and certain flammables—but as a general rule, we'll take most anything that can be moved by two professional storage handlers. Contact a member of our concierge staff if you have lingering questions about our storage policies.


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  • Free Pickup. Our friendly, professional movers pick up at your doorstep for free.
  • Organized. Labels are provided for each item so return delivery is simple.
  • Secured & Tracked. Your storage is safely secured in our facility. Track via your dashboard.
  • On-Demand Return. One click to request any item to be returned to your door.