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Daly City self-storage is no longer a frustrating choice between options that leave a lot to be desired. With traditional self-storage, companies too often use shady business practices, substandard facilities, and misleading prices. We've even heard some nightmare stories about mold and water damage, pest infestation, and property theft.

Closetbox does things differently. Discovering how our concierge self-storage model is set to redefine your expectations for reasonably priced storage is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Box up any smaller items you're putting into storage. We will bring shrink wrap, protective blankets, and specially-designed breathable bags for your larger items.
  2. Estimate how much total storage you have. A storage concierge will contact you to confirm the size of your order and the unit size you will need. Along with itemized, online tracking, we guarantee you only pay for the storage space you use.
  3. Schedule your free pickup date, and let our storage professionals handle the packing, transport, and unloading of your storage items into our local facility. 


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We have well-maintained, climate-controlled facilities with 24/7 monitoring and detailed employee background checks. We offer both standard and optional insurance coverage. That said, what really sets us apart is the willingness to go the extra mile with our concierge-style services for complete customer satisfaction. Multiple storage return options include self-storage pickup and affordable on-demand return delivery. Looking to retrieve just some of your items? We'll prorate the cost of both the delivery and the remaining storage items.

Daly City self-storage isn't worth the price, no matter how cheap, if it doesn't provide the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure. Consider our comprehensive, and personalized, storage system before making a mistake with the other guys.


Local Daly City Self-Storage Projects

Even without the tightly packed neighborhoods of downtown San Francisco, many Daly City residents find their current living space is insufficient to store all their belongings, not to mention transitional storage projects related to a new family member or a new home. Alternately, if you come to Daly City every year for major events held at the Cow Palace, you can store your vendor equipment with us instead of transporting it back and forth every year. We also offer everyday commercial storage for a wide range of consumer businesses across the city's six distinct commercial districts. Whether you're a resident or a commercial vendor, you're going to be impressed with our storage solution.


Our Daly City Storage Prices

Better still, we offer cost-effective San Francisco-area Daly City self-storage. By the time you account for all the hidden fees, bogus charges, and extra rental and moving costs, most of our customers find Closetbox is able to stay right in line with our competitors, while offering a larger degree of convenience and reliability with our storage. With our exact storage pricing, you'll never pay for unused space.


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  • Free Pickup. Our friendly, professional movers pick up at your doorstep for free.
  • Organized. Labels are provided for each item so return delivery is simple.
  • Secured & Tracked. Your storage is safely secured in our facility. Track via your dashboard.
  • On-Demand Return. One click to request any item to be returned to your door.