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For those residents who get suckered into self-storage units and storage containers, Fremont storage is full of potential headaches. Misleading promotional rates, overhyped promises that fail to deliver, and infuriating customer service failures are just some of the more common pitfalls that you can run into. In contrast, Closetbox has established a new standard for hassle-free concierge storage.

What makes us different? To start with, we've made it incredibly easy to get your items into one of our storage units. Simply give us a rough idea of how storage you have, box up your smaller items, and schedule your pickup date. We'll take care of the rest. This includes free pickup from our professional, licensed storage handlers. Put it on us to make sure your items arrive safely at our local storage facility. Let us fight the traffic on 880 and 680 for you. One of our personal storage concierges will also create an online inventory of every item you put into storage with Closetbox.


Convenient Return Delivery and Self-Storage Pickup

Free pickup is just the beginning of our Fremont storage services. When you're ready to retrieve your items out of storage, we offer multiple options to meet your personal storage priorities. Looking for the same level of hassle-free convenience with which we picked up your storage items? Use our online dashboard to request total or partial return delivery service. Partial return delivery is prorated based on a maximum of one month's storage fees. Except during the end of summer rush, you can expect to receive your items within 24 hours.

Rather pick up your own storage for no additional cost. It's a short drive from Fremont—and the entire tri-city area—to our local Hayward-based storage facility. Simply call ahead so we can have a personal storage concierge ready to assist.


Storage Prices from Closetbox

Here's another way Closetbox is different. We never ask our customers to pay for more storage than they use. Our Fremont storage solutions start as low as $12/month, while most of our customers can get a beat on their total storage costs by looking at the prices for our full-capacity storage units.

  • $109/month for a 5'x5' space
  • $150/month for a 5'x10' space
  • $222/month for a 10'x10' space
  • $402/month for a 10'x20' space


Comprehensive Resources for Fremont Storage Projects

From tech entrepreneurs to residential homeowners to retail businesses, Closetbox offers solutions for a wide range of local and continually evolving storage needs. For example, storage in one of our climate-controlled units is one of the requests we're seeing with increasing frequency. The area has been experiencing more common and more severe heat waves. That said, when the sun's out, it doesn't take 90+ degree temperatures to cause soaring temperatures and heat damage to many types of storage items.

That said, to ensure we can offer cost-effective Fremont storage, there are a couple things we had to say no to. This includes the strict humidity control needed for fine wine storage, and the insane protections needed for storing bulk stationery. Otherwise, we pretty much take any item that can be moved by two strong adults.

If you have questions about specialty storage items, don't hesitate to contact one of our personal storage concierges. Before making a mistake with self-storage, discover Closetbox and find more time in your schedule to do what you love most.


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