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Seattle self storage without leaving home.

Need storage in the Seattle area? Closetbox will come to you, pick up your belongings, and store them securely.
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Let us understand your storage needs, give you a free estimate, and get your pickup on the books.

2. We'll Pickup Your Stuff

We will send a truck and two licensed, bonded, insured and background checked professional movers to do all the heavy lifting.


3. We'll Store Your Stuff

We’ll safely store your stuff while you get on with life. When you need your stuff back just let us know - we’ll deliver it

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What our customers are saying...

Carol H.

Boston, MA

 "I am obsessed with the customer service at Closetbox! I must have called 10 times with changes and stress, but your team was calm and helpful every time!"

Elle S.

Los Angeles, CA

"I’d recommend Closetbox to anyone. They came and picked up my stuff and stored it, too. When I needed to get something out of storage they made it easy and convenient. I like that each time I take something out of storage my monthly payment goes down."

Rob L.

Atlanta, GA

"Great price, wonderful service. If I ever need storage again I’ll use these guys. Best storage experience I’ve ever had."

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Storage Facility:

8420 S 190th StKentWA 98031 / 206.207.2147

Full-Service Seattle and Puget Sound Storage

Why waste your time hauling belongings up and down I-5? Why end up sore and exhausted on your day off? With Closetbox, you won’t have to. Let us do the heavy-lifting.

  • Pickup allows for an easy storage experience. You won’t have to hire movers, rent a van, or risk straining something.
  • Securely store your things in a warehouse facility with individual storage vaults.
  • On-demand returns ensure that your items are always accessible. We do full and partial returns. Only need to retrieve some camping gear? We have you covered.
  • Don’t waste a beautiful summer weekend. Don’t lose your grip on a piece of furniture trying to shuttle your storage during the rainy season. We’ll gladly haul your items anytime of year.

Don’t get Wet—or Hosed—when Choosing Seattle Storage

Beware of hidden fees, overcharging, and a total lack of customer service that are too common with traditional self-storage units in Seattle. From Shoreline and Redmond down to Kent and Tacoma, as well as Issaquah and Snoqualmie, Closetbox offers a better solution for the entire Puget Sound area. Avoiding I-5 or I-90 during any kind of rush hour is reason enough to consider the convenience of our full-service storage.

Never a Bad Time for Storage in Seattle

Most people with Seattle storage needs look to tackle the project in the summer. Avoid the crush with our concierge storage. Besides, the perfect weather that Seattle tends to enjoy most summers is to be cherished while it lasts. Take care of your storage need with speed and reliability with our pickup service. Still, even our storage service isn’t immune. Our return delivery times, typically completed within 24-48 hours, may be more like 2-3 days during peak times. To this point, there’s no reason you can’t address your storage project and reclaim your clutter-free space during any time of the year. We won’t recklessly move your stuff in the middle of a rare, full-blown storm, but we do have the supplies and know-how to deal with the rainy season’s light drizzle. Plus we can take your seasonal items such as skis and swimsuits during the off-season and deliver them back to you as the season nears.

Expert Seattle Storage Handlers

And yet, for many Seattle residents the formidable city traffic and weather aren’t even the biggest challenge for loading and hauling their own stuff to storage. Whether you’re trying to bring your possessions down Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, or the brutal hairpin turns of Queen Anne Hill, it’s a gamble you don’t want to take without the right precautions. Likewise, the gradient right outside your front door may be cause for concern, especially if you have a history of back or knee problems. We’ve even had people contact us about Seattle storage because the slope of their yard can’t accommodate a storage shed. Let our licensed, professional movers tackle the rain, the terrain, and the traffic.

Putting Your Emerald City Belongings into Storage

Whether you have antique items from the old Seattle Underground or you have household items you want to store as part of a temporary living situation, Closetbox provides the best option. We can’t build your retaining wall, but we didn’t skimp when it comes to fortifying our own storage facility against both man-made threats and the natural forces of the Puget Sound/SeaTac region. Our storage site is monitored 24/7. All employees pass our rigorous background check. Bonded and insured, Closetbox also offers climate-controlled storage—an increasingly important feature as summer heat waves become more common in the region. Stay in the comfort of your own home or solve your storage problem without leaving your business location. Stop letting the specter of your storage project hang over your head. Discover how we’ve made sure Seattle storage is easy and worry-free.

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