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Need Storage? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

If you live in the Ventura County area, Closetbox offers full-service self storage for you. We do all the work, while you sit back and relax.

Simply pack up your belongings, Closetbox then picks up your boxes and heavy furniture and stores them securely. You can even have us bring back whatever you want, whenever you want it.

No truck rentals. No heavy lifting. No hauling it yourself. It’s the smart choice, so you can get back to enjoying all of Ventura County's natural beauty. Get started by reserving your pickup today.



How we help


We give you a custom monthly storage rate so you only pay for what you store.


We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.


We securely store your belongings in your private, temperature-controlled vault.


View your items online and click to request any item returned.

Storage options fit to your exact needs.
$ --/mo
Compared to 5′ x 5′
$ --/mo
Small Room
Compared to 5′ x 10′
$ --/mo
1-2 Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 10′
$ --/mo
3+ Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 20′

Conveniently located everywhere.

Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Ventura County area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

25655 Springbrook Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91350 / 805.250.4626

Full-Service Storage for Ventura County, CA

Why pull, strain, or sprain something heaving things into a self-storage unit? With us, you won’t have to. Our guys do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy SoCal’s weather and amazing coastline.

  • Pickup comes right to your home or place of business. You never have to fight traffic or worry about organizing items.
  • Securely store items in a modern warehouse facility with individual storage vaults of varying size. This includes climate control and round-the-clock monitoring.
  • On-demand return offers itemized service from a dashboard account. Need some, or all, of your things back? Just let us know.

Typically, moving stuff into storage isn’t the best time to visit the beach or relish the view from the PCH. But that’s exactly what you can do by choosing the full-service storage from Closetbox.

Find a Better Solution for Your Ventura County Storage

Don’t put up with the hidden fees, bait-and-switch price quotes, and nickel-and-dime strategies of self-storage units. By the time you account for all these extra self-storage costs—in which you have to pay for everything right down to the storage unit lock—the savings tend to disappear. Instead, with Closetbox, you can get full-service storage in Ventura County for about the same total cost as traditional self-storage.

Never suffer through the aches and pains of storage again. Between complimentary pickup, itemized inventory, modern storage facilities, and return delivery with push-button convenience, our Ventura County storage is a plainly smarter choice for project.

Why Full-Service Storage in Ventura County?

The natural beauty of this area with its beaches and cliffside shoreline, and sandwiched underneath Los Padres National Forest, also creates an environment that lends itself to storage. There’s a lot of people living in this area, but only so much readily usable space. Much of the local real estate is some combination of too valuable and too precious for miscellaneous storage space. By comparison, our local warehouse center offers a cost-effective and discreet way to store your things. There’s a similar story to be told with local-area roads and transportation. Unlike, say, the 405 in Los Angeles, the 101 is better known for its scenic drive along the Central Coast. Still, driving around Ventura County presents its own challenges and hazards, especially if you’re dealing with limited sight lines and shoddy suspension in a vehicle overloaded with storage items. Find a better way with our full-service Ventura County storage center with a delivery service that includes Ventura, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley. Whether you live in the San Fernando Valley or the Ventura-Oxnard area, a better choice for storage is now available. You can also enter zip code to find storage solutions throughout the greater LA area.

Popular Projects for Ventura County Storage

  • The area’s breakneck population growth has slowed somewhat over the last several years, but there is still plenty of home-buying communities. Whether you’re looking at Hearthside condos in East Ventura, or maybe you’re looking at Arroyo Vista at the Woodlands in Simi Valley, we can help with your real estate-based storage project.
  • No matter where you live, we can take most beach supplies, though there are some maritime storage restrictions. Your used fish tank, for example, is likely prohibited. But whether you have extra supplies for out-of-town guests or you only live in this area during certain times of the year, we’ve got the answer you’re looking for.
  • There are numerous, locally-famous events including the California Strawberry Festival, Ventura Music Festival, Ventura County Fair, Camarillo Art and Jazz Festival, and the Oxnard Salsa Festival, just to name a few. There is also a strong farmer’s market presence. In addition to vendor booth and retail display storage, we also provide great solutions for dental practices, home stagers, and many other small business owners.

The takeaway is that our local Ventura County storage center can handle a wide range of project needs—whether you’re moving to the area, looking to create a clutter-free home, renting out your place, or managing a small business. You don’t need to worry about or put off your storage needs any longer. Not with Closetbox.

Ready? We got this.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, while you get back to the better things in life.



Drop us a note. We’re happy to talk through your specific needs.