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Find Easy Bethesda Storage Solutions with No Hassle Pickup

Getting started with Closetbox is easy. Just follow these three quick steps:

Step 1: Place your smaller belongings into boxes. We require all non-furniture items to be boxed up, but if it doesn’t fit (maybe you need a place to store your college lacrosse gear during the off-season), we can take it as-is.

Step 2: Estimate your storage needs. We understand that you won’t know exactly how much space you need, but a rough estimate will help our staff get a better understanding of your upcoming project.

Step 3: Schedule your pickup. You can do this by phone or online—whichever is easier for you and your schedule.

When you want to retrieve your items from storage, we have a couple options. If you have the time and a vehicle, you are more than welcome to visit our facility. However, we offer a return delivery service for a small fee. Just choose which items you’d like returned via your online dashboard. After a 24-hour processing period, you can choose when and where you’d like your belongings delivered. With Closetbox, getting items in and out of storage is easier than ever.


Cost-Effective Bethesda Storage

Bethesda, Maryland is a wonderful place to live. In 2014, it placed first on the Forbes list of America’s most educated small towns, as well as first on Time’s list of top earning towns. The people of Bethesda are educated, hard-working, and care deeply for their community.

Since earning these rankings, Bethesda’s population has grown. In the past ten years, the town has seen more than a 15% increase in residents. Though new neighbors and developments are fun, you may no longer have the space necessary to start that home expansion project. As a concomitant effect, property rates are up by almost 100%. High property values can be a valuable business or retirement asset, but purchasing land from neighbors or the town becomes more difficult. If you find yourself wanting more space, a storage unit is the responsible option.

With Washington, DC Area Closetbox, you’ll never pay for more than you need. We offer exact storage pricing, which means you only pay for the space you use. Whether you need to store your winter clothes or that farmers’ market stand you only use a few months out of the year, we can help you out. We can accommodate any size or budget. Meanwhile, different storage unit spaces offer sensible discounts as your needs increase:

  • Closet: 5x5 space
  • Small Room: 5x10 space
  • 2-3 Rooms: 10x10 space
  • 3+ Rooms: 10x20 space

Whether you work for AdvisorShares or American Capital, Lockheed Martin or the International Neuroethics Society, we have the Bethesda storage solution to fit your budget. Schedule your pickup today.

How we help


We give you a custom monthly storage rate so you only pay for what you store.


We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.


We securely store your belongings in your private, temperature-controlled vault.


View your items online and click to request any item returned.

Storage options fit to your exact needs.
$ --/mo
Compared to 5′ x 5′
$ --/mo
Small Room
Compared to 5′ x 10′
$ --/mo
1-2 Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 10′
$ --/mo
3+ Rooms
Compared to 10′ x 20′

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Whats more convenient than storage that comes to you? If you live anywhere in the greater Bethesda area, we come to your home and pickup or dropoff your belongings at your wish. See all service areas.

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