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Discover the advantages of our concierge-style service model in just three simple steps:

  • Box up any smaller items you're putting into storage.
  • Give us a rough estimate of your total storage needs.
  • Schedule your free pickup date.

We'll handle the rest. We have professional, licensed storage handlers who will load your boxed items (as well as any larger items) onto one of our trucks. There will also be a personal concierge who will make inventory everything you store with us. Along with our online account dashboard, it's easy to keep track and order return delivery for all your storage items. 


Local College Park Storage Projects

Home to a little more than 30,000 people, it's no surprise there is a need for storage solutions you can depend on in College Park, Maryland. Unfortunately, Closetbox does have a few limitations that are necessary to maintain cost-effective facilities for typical storage projects. To start, we know how tempting all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are at the local Farmers Market. We unfortunately cannot store perishables. However, you can store any number of vendor-related supplies or crafts with Closetbox, not to mention booth and exhibit storage for both indoor and outdoor use.

Guests and employees of the National Archives II facility are encouraged to utilize our College Park storage services as well. Just don’t include bulk stationery, as it's considered a highly flammable material. Antiques, art, and artifacts, however, are perfectly safe within our storage walls. As a general rule, we'll take anything that can be moved by two professional storage handlers. If you have questions about specialty items, or our storage policies in general, don't hesitate to contact us.


Exact Storage Pricing

We know what you're thinking: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Well, here's our secret. At Washington, DC Area Closetbox, we'll never ask you to pay for storage space you're not actually using. Our concierge-style moving services also enable us to handpick our storage location, while still serving the greater DC area. Use our return delivery for just some of your items? No problem. We'll prorate both the delivery fee and the cost of your remaining storage items.

Additionally, we offer discounted rates as your storage items take up increasingly larger storage spaces. Our full-sized units are perfect for your larger projects.

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5′ x 5′

Closet  •  $107.99 / mo

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Small Room  •  $115.99 / mo

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1-2 Rooms
1-2 Rooms  •  $142.99 / mo

10′ x 20′

2-3 Rooms
2-3 Rooms  •  $270.99 / mo

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