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Our free pickup, online tracking, and on-demand returns are a necessary set of resources for many people to take care of their Dupont Circle storage needs. Whether you spend your time fighting the weekday rush hour to get to Capitol Hill and/or fighting with governmental officials and political adversaries, you don’t have time for self-storage. Though your storage project may be foremost in your thoughts, it’s often the last item on your to-do list. With Closetbox, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll pick up your belongings right from your doorstep.

Here’s how it works: On your scheduled pickup date, two licensed, professional storage handlers will arrive at your home or business. We’ll shrink-wrap whatever furniture you may have, load everything into a moving van, and deliver your belongings safely to our nearby storage facility. With Closetbox, Dupont Circle storage is as easy as answering the door.


Getting Started with Closetbox

Setting up your new Dupont Circle storage unit is easier than ever. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Pack your smaller belongings into boxes. We require all non-furniture items be placed in boxes. However, if it doesn’t fit (maybe you need to store some off-season sports equipment or the oversized lamp from your old apartment), we can take it as-is.

Step 2: Estimate your storage needs. We understand that you probably don’t know exactly how much space your upcoming project necessitates. A rough estimate will help our staff better understand your project.

Step 3: Schedule your free pickup. This can be done by phone or online—whichever you prefer.

This pickup service is included in your single monthly payment. This means that, with us, you’ll never pay extra to get the service you deserve. Need to put more items in storage? All subsequent pickups are also included.

When you’d like your items out of storage (either a portion of storage or all stored belongings), we have a couple options. If you have the time and appropriate vehicle, you are more than welcome to drive to our facility and collect your belongings yourself. However, we offer a return delivery service for a small fee. Just select which items you’d like returned via your online account dashboard. With Closetbox, Washington D.C.’s most convenient storage solution is accessible from the comfort of your couch. Schedule your free pickup today.


Fair and Exact Dupont Circle Storage Pricing

Many residents of Dupont Circle are in their early- to mid-twenties. Whether you're dealing with loan payments and personal storage, or whether you're working within your employer's organizational storage budget, we have you covered.

We offer exact storage pricing, which means you only pay for the space you use. Why rent a full storage unit when you only need space to store a box of books? Our rates start at just $12/month, but we also offer discount rates per square foot based on these four different storage unit sizes.

  • Closet: 5x5 space
  • Small Room: 5x10 space
  • 2-3 Rooms: 10x10 space
  • 3+ Rooms: 10x20 space

Again, we're a great option for both personal and commercial storage projects.


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  • Free Pickup. Our friendly, professional movers pick up at your doorstep for free.
  • Organized. Labels are provided for each item so return delivery is simple.
  • Secured & Tracked. Your storage is safely secured in our facility. Track via your dashboard.
  • On-Demand Return. One click to request any item to be returned to your door.