What Makes our Washington D.C. Storage Units Different

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With Closetbox, finding the right solution for Washington D.C. storage units is now easier than ever. We've created a new industry standard for convenient and cost-effective storage. We'll talk about what makes our storage units so secure and reliable in a moment, but what really sets us apart is our free pickup service.

In just three easy steps, you can solve your storage problem and put more time back into your already packed schedule.

1. Box up any smaller items. We'll take care of packing your furniture and larger items.

2. Give us a rough estimate of your total storage needs.

3. Schedule your free pickup service, and let us take care of the rest.


Site Resources and Location

With our free pickup service and professional storage handlers, Closetbox is able to serve the entire D.C. metro area while still being able to handpick our storage facility location based on a combination of security and cost-effectiveness. This site flexibility makes it easier to avoid dangers like coastal areas and flood zones, which may be attractive for residential homes, but might create an unnecessary risk of damage from severe weather and other natural disasters. Indeed, you should be able to think of the belongings in your storage unit as being safer than in your home storage, and by choosing Closetbox for your storage solution, you'll have this peace of mind.


Secure Storage Policies

Here's another way we're able to offer this peace of mind: We never give other customers unfettered access to our facility grounds. Whether it's property theft or the smell of cigarette smoke from someone who's been squatting in the unit adjacent to yours, it's impossible to rely on storage locks alone for secure Washington D.C. storage units.

Still, we recognize the value of self-storage pickup for personalizing a storage solution. With this in mind, we offer two different options for retrieving your items out of storage:

1) Use our online dashboard and request on-demand return delivery. You can expect your items to arrive within 24 hours, although the end-of-summer-rush may push our delivery times closer to 48-72 hours.

2) You can pick up your own items as with traditional self-storage units. We simply ask you that you call ahead so we can have someone ready to help. And know that we still have to charge you the standard handling fee.


Prices for our Washington D.C. Storage Units

To make an apples-to-apples comparison, you first need to account for the hidden fees and extra moving costs associated with traditional self-storage units. In contrast, we offer an exact storage pricing model. With our online, itemized inventory tracking system, we never charge you for space you don't need. Your costs are prorated based upon the storage space you actually use, helping keep base storage projects to a minimum cost. Additionally, our 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, and 10x20 Washington D.C. storage units are competitively priced and perfect for larger storage needs. Stop worrying and experience the benefits of a hassle-free storage solution today.


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