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Vehicle Storage
Closetbox is perfect for storing your boxes, furniture and practically anything else in your house. However, we don’t store vehicles, boats, RVs or semi-trucks.

Luckily, in Colorado, we have found a perfect solution to store your wheels: STOW IT.

STOW IT specializes in peer-to-peer storage for items on wheels. Their unique business connects individuals and businesses with extra space like garages, barns, and land to others that need vehicle storage. 

Anyone who has previously stored vehicles knows what a pain can be. Space is limited, prices are exorbitant and customer service doesn’t exist.

STOW IT is changing the game. With its Airbnb-like model for vehicle storage, STOWIT focuses on finding the right fit between vehicle owner and host, providing great customer service all along the way.

While STOW IT is great for people looking to store, it is also a great income solution for individuals and business owners with extra space on their hands.  

But don’t take our word for it. In the need for vehicle storage? Call (844) 478-6948 or visit STOW IT today. Make sure to mention Closetbox to get the season’s best rates.