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For many, spring cleaning is an annual rite of passage. Scrubbing away winter grime is a tough but well-deserved welcome to warmer weather. This is especially true of places like Chicago, where the never-ending winter can stretch well into April and May. Because winter dirt and dust accumulation can be so intense in a city like this, a professional cleaner might be the most responsible action to take. For more information, we spoke with Jacob Ong, founder of, an online cleaning concierge service, about spring cleaning in Chicago.


Spring Cleaning in Chicago—What You Need to Know

Spring cleaning in Chicago is no easy feat. Between long, harsh winters and hot, humid summers, people in this bustling Midwestern city need to take spring cleaning seriously. This includes homeowners who want to revive their home décor, and as it gets later into the spring season, it also includes tenants and property managers. When asked about spring cleaning in Chicago, Ong explained, “At Errund, we see more apartments in Chicago being cleaned during spring than elsewhere in the Midwest because, of course, Chicago is more densely populated.”

Another part of the challenge that comes with apartments, townhomes, and other high-density housing patterns? Putting the trash and recycling out on city streets and working without a yard that can provide a certain amount of outdoor storage. Indeed, Chicago is known for its diverse architecture and wide variety of living spaces. Homes range from tiny studio apartments to large, single-family homes, both of which can be found in nearly every neighborhood. For residents of these larger homes, Ong had a word of advice: “Customers in bigger Chicago homes, however, do require extra services, like windows, for their spring cleaning.” Before scheduling your cleaning, it helps to know which services you might need. These are largely dependent on your home type and location.

Ong explained that most Chicago Errund customers are very happy with their deep cleaning checklist, which includes everything from dusted picture frames and emptied trash cans to mopped and vacuumed floors. Customers also have the option to add extra services, such as a professionally cleaned oven and laundry services. Don’t underestimate how tedious and time-consuming DIY spring cleaning can get, or how so many of these headaches can be avoided with a professional cleaner. Now is the time to splurge on your spring cleaning.


What You Can Do to Prepare for Professional Cleaning

That said, preparing for a cleaning professional is a task in it. Decluttering your home is a big part of the spring cleaning process. It helps to take care of winter cutter before your cleaner arrives. Ong explained, “Sometimes, our cleaning pros run into issues with cluttered homes. We charge by time—an average of $24/hr. If the home is too cluttered, our cleaning pros spend some time on organizing the place rather than on cleaning.” If you eliminate clutter ahead of your scheduled cleaning, the service will have more time to tackle dirt and grime. Likewise, you may know what to do, but that doesn’t mean you have time to do it. Ong added, “One tip for decluttering homes is prevention, of course. Develop a habit of putting things back into their original position…but this is easier said than done, especially for busy people.”

If you have a pile of items leftover from this decluttering process, you may want to consider storage. Our Chicago storage has just what your spring cleaning project needs. Pickup, digital inventory, and on-demand return offers a hassle-free way to create a better living space.


Need a Chicago Cleaner? Errund is Here to Help

If you choose to make the leap into professional spring cleaning, Ong wants you to know that “Errund is an online cleaning concierge service for homes. Errund offers instant booking, next day availability, payment after service, and—most importantly—insured and 100% guaranteed cleanings.” Increasingly, you can find companies who offer services outside the traditional purview of professional cleaners. You may also want to ask Errund about their expanding roster of home maintenance and commercial cleaning services.