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Furniture Storage Guide: Get Tips for All Kinds of Furniture

Moving or storing furniture takes a little bit of work, but it doesn’t have to be especially complicated or expensive. With a few different options for protective covering, you shouldn’t have to worry about your furniture getting scratched or easily damaged. So long as you’re willing to spend a few bucks at a hardware, furniture or packing supply store, it doesn’t need to take long. Of course, you have also need a suitable vehicle for the move. Still, even the best preparation and supplies are not themselves enough to guarantee success for furniture storage and moving.

Safely Moving Furniture

Even if it’s still wrapped straight out of the furniture store warehouse, furniture can be damaged if it’s dropped on the ground from any kind of height. If it can land the wrong way, it probably will land the wrong way. Safely moving furniture isn’t just sheer strength, either, especially for anything large enough to require two sets of hands. Elbow grease and a strong back won’t do the trick if you and your moving partner are pulling in different directions. So just be sure to take that extra moment to communicate clearly and to make sure everybody’s on the same page.

At the same time, when it comes to furniture storage, you need to wrap the furniture and store it in an environment that keeps it safe over long periods of time. The best packing and storage tips for furniture really depend on the type of furniture you’re dealing with: Wood, leather, and cloth furniture require slightly different storage precautions. Here are step-by-step resource guides for: