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Packing and Scheduling Tips for Storage Projects

Have a little extra time each week before your storage project? Looking to put together a detailed plan? Running up against a last-minute deadline? Closetbox is all about saving you time and hassles on your storage project. That’s why—in addition to pickup service, online tracking, and on-demand return delivery—we offer scheduling tips and storage resources that help make things go as smoothly as possible.

Stockpile Free Boxes and Containers

If your early planning schedule allows it, and especially if you’re planning on a larger storage project, you should start stockpiling boxes. Always get more than you need. It’s not just the sheer volume of space you need to get out of these boxes. Different items require different types of boxes—in terms of size, shape, and weight. If you don’t start with more than you need, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough.

Plus, if you are getting an early start, don’t take storing your storage boxes for granted. In a damp basement or cellar space, empty boxes can degrade in a matter of weeks, even if they’re not directly exposed to water. To this point, it’s just as much about quality as quantity. In fact, if you have specialized, long-term, and/or cyclical storage needs, a plastic storage container may be a better all-around solution.

Last-Minute and In-Place Packing Box Solutions

What if things are going the other way? What if you only have a day or two before you need to start packing and you realize you don’t have anywhere near enough boxes? Or, what if you have the time, but what you don’t have is a vehicle that’s conducive to canvassing neighborhood businesses and piling a bunch of boxes in the back seat? As part of our pickup and return delivery service, we also offer an optional drop-off service for extra packing supplies. For $59.95, you get 10 small boxes, 5 medium boxes, 100 sheets of packing paper, and two rolls of tape—delivered right to your front door.


This is a great niche solution for people who have a lot extra time in their schedule now, but less so as their storage deadline approaches. If only you could pack for your storage project ahead of time, then it might seem doable. We admit there are some things you can’t do until right before the storage date, but to do as much as you can as soon as you can often involves a strategy we like to call pack-in-place.

Simply put, you box up the items wherever they’re located in your home or place of business. Still need to use these items in the interim? Do everything except seal the boxes. So long as you use smaller boxes, you’ll still have relatively easy access to everything you need. This strategy also makes it easier to create an itemized inventory, either beforehand or once you finalize each box’s contents. It’s easy with our online tracking and labeling system.

Inclusive Pickup Services

Now, you may say that this pack-in-place strategy doesn’t work as well for furniture or other large items. Closetbox has you covered on this front. Our professional, licensed storage handlers will take care of packing these items on the day of your pickup service, including any complimentary shrink wrap, protective blankets, and breathable bags that are needed to safely transport and store your items.

We ask that you box up or use storage containers for your smaller items, but otherwise we provide a comprehensive storage solution. Choose Closetbox, and put more time back in your schedule by taking care of your project without ever leaving your home or place of business.