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The Comprehensive Guide to Packing Tape for Moving and Storage

You want good information without spending half a day searching for answers that are relevant to your project. We want to provide smart strategies and honest advice for all things packing tape. Here are our best tips for the most important packing tape questions.

  • Different Types of Packing Tape: This is one of those topics in which it’s surprisingly easy to fall down the rabbit hole of industry jargon and technical information. So, let’s start with some basics: There’s a reason that clear, plastic packing tape is so popular and easy-to-find. For its strength, usability, and single-use cost, this type of tape can’t be beat. But is it right for every moving and storage project? Learn about different types of packing tape.
  • Why Width and Color Matter when Choosing Packing Tape: Use packing tape efficiently without sacrificing peace of mind. Use packing tape to organize your move, as well as seal and protect your belongings. We like to think of these qualities as the hidden secrets of how to choose packing tape.
  • Dispensers, Guns, and Applicators: Finding and choosing the packing tape itself isn’t enough. You also need to be able to use the tape to seal your boxes. Need to pack in a hurry? Need to pack on a shoestring budget? Trying to make sure the seal won’t fail? Trying not to be wasteful and to use as little tape as possible? Need a specific dispenser for a particular type of tape? Get your answers for tape dispensers.