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Photo Storage: If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, Be Sure it Lasts 1,000 Years

It could be a picture of a great-grandparent leaning against the old farmhouse porch, or just the farmhouse itself. It could be a picture in the earliest days of downtown Boston, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. It could be a picture that depicts a scene in which so much depends upon… Read More >

Real estate vocabulary terms you need to know

Buying a new house can be equal parts exciting and distressing, especially for those looking to buy for the first time. Read More >

Room for one more: How to modify your child’s room to include a new foster or adoptive child

Making room in your heart for a newly-fostered or adopted child is easy.  Read More >

Securing the fort: How to prepare your home before a long-term trip

You’re on the road… again. Read More >

Selling Your Owner-Occupied Home? How to Hope for the Best and Clean for the Wor…

In talking to home stagers and realtors, we confirmed what other sources say are the top-ranking factors for selling a home: cleanliness and house condition. It’s one thing for paint and basic repairs to hold up over the entire selling process, but what about keeping the house clean? Maybe you’re…Read More >

Setting up a hobby room guide

Transform Your Craft: How to Set Up a Hobby Room in Your Home

Read More >

Spring Cleaning Guide

It happens every spring. Somewhere when the temperatures get warmer, the greenery starts to return, and the days start getting longer, it hits you: it’s time to clean. The world outside is going through a rebirth – so what better time to clean up your house and start fresh? Whether…Read More >

The 3 C’s of selling your home

Complete These Maintenance Musts Before You Go to Market

 Read More >

The Complete Guide to Preserving and Passing on Your Historic, Precious Heirloom…

Tips for Downsizing, Preserving Delicate Materials, and Keeping Cherished Belongings in the Family Seniors who choose to downsize or move to senior living communities are often faced with challenging decisions. Giving up the family home where you’ve raised your family and created so many lifelong me…Read More >

The Green Guide to Downsizing

How to Modify Your Home for More Eco-Conscious Living Read More >

The how-to guide for packing your home before deployment

Photo by PixabayUncle Sam sometimes gives members of the U.S. military very little warning when deployment is on the horizon. You might know a few months in advance or as little as a few days. When you do find out, you have to spring into action, taking care of not…Read More >

The parents’ guide to decluttering as children grow

Just about all parents have two major commonalities: children they adore, and way too much stuff. It’s hard to let go of the items your kids once loved, even if they’ve long outgrown or forgotten them. Read More >

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