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Spring Cleaning Guide

It happens every spring. Somewhere when the temperatures get warmer, the greenery starts to return, and the days start getting longer, it hits you: it’s time to clean. The world outside is going through a rebirth – so what better time to clean up your house and start fresh?

Whether you adopt a spring cleaning routine every year, or if this year’s spring cleaning is long overdue, check out our guide below to learn some of the best approaches to decluttering your home and getting ready for summer.

Tips and Resources for Spring Cleaning

The Secret to Spring Cleaning Success: Use a List

Determining what to keep and what to throw away during spring cleaning can be a huge hassle. The question you have to answer for every item is deceptively simple: “Should I keep this or throw it away?” As you’re probably discovering, this question is more difficult to answer than you first thought. Start with our itemized guide o different types of items and make your decisions easier.

The One Time it’s OK to Take it Easy with Your Spring Cleaning

There’s one situation in particular that can make people dread spring cleaning: if you’re trying to sell your home this year, you’re probably already feeling the stress. It’s doubly important to make sure your home is super-clean to attract buyers – so you really need to go the extra mile when spring cleaning this year, right? Turns out,
that might not be the best approach. Read on.

How to Remove Your Dirt (and Your Carbon) Footprint this Spring

As you go about cleaning your home this spring, you can spend a lot of money on cleaning products. Unfortunately,
a lot of those products contain substances that are less-than-good for the environment. Read our guide to eco-friendly spring cleaning to learn what to look for in cleaning products and other ways you can make your spring cleaning better for the environment.

Spring Cleaning in New England: Get Ready for Extra Steps

Spring cleaning varies greatly by region, but New England’s wet winters and springs create prime conditions for exterior and interior home damage. Not only do you have to correct these when cleaning – but you should also take preventative measures to guard against future issues. Here are a few ways to do just that.

The Midwest is Best, But Spring Cleaning is the Worst

Much like New England, spring cleaning in the Midwest has its own particular brand of quirks. From excess humidity to notoriously tough winters, as a Midwest resident you’ll need to pay careful attention to maintaining and reviving your living space each year. Check out our guide for some of the key tasks you need to accomplish.

Is Spring Cleaning the Right Time for Your Basement Remodel?

There’s never really a bad time to remodel your basement – but since you’ll be spending the spring cleaning it out anyway, you might want to coordinate your basement remodel with your annual spring cleaning tasks. Here are some considerations to be mindful of when considering a basement remodel when spring cleaning.