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Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Estate Planning Services

Be it providing necessities and opportunities for young children, making end-of-life decisions easier on adult children, or passing on the family business, estate planning is an indispensable resource for most every household. You have more choices than ever for legal services that can help you develop a plan and create legal documentation for your estate—both as it is today and looking ahead to future estate planning priorities.

It may seem odd to turn to a storage company for tips about estate planning services, but Closetbox offers a new kind of full-service storage that makes us a popular choice as an estate planning resource. Pickup, itemized inventory, and on-demand returns make it easy to deliver any number of items from the same storage account to different local addresses.

More to this point, we offer storage solutions not just for end-of-life planning, but many of the same life stages in which families typically start to think about estate planning. This includes helping our customers navigate all the challenges that come with starting a new family, buying or selling a home, preparing for retirement, as well as end-of-life planning.

With this in mind, here are some of things you should consider for the why, when, and how to get the estate planning services and other resources that will safeguard your financial and personal legacy:

Digital Inventory and On-Demand Storage Returns

Whether you have a will or a trust, you’ll need to designate an executor to faithfully administer the estate in accordance with the law. Even in the best of circumstances, this person is going to have a lot on their plate. Full-service storage from Closetbox can make things a lot simpler for the executor of your estate, while also doing our part to ensure your property bequests are delivered to the right person.

Here’s how it works: You pack up smaller belongings into boxes or storage containers that can be designated as going to various individuals, as well as any general estate storage you may have. We’ll take care of wrapping furniture and other larger items for you. We haul everything back to our local storage facility and create a digital and itemized inventory for your account.