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Wedding Planning and Beyond: From Engagement to Wedding to Ever-After

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking. There are numerous details that need to be accounted for, all while working within budget and on a deadline. Looking to start planning your wedding, or at least get a better sense for everything involved? It’s not always easy. There’s an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet, in magazines, on television and by word of mouth. As part of our hassle-free storage solutions, we wanted to help our customers cut through the noise and find the information they need to get a jumpstart on their wedding planning.

Why Listen to Us?

After all, Closetbox is a storage company, not a bridal magazine or professional wedding planner. So, why listen? Strange as it may sound, the short answer is you can’t be an effective, full-service storage solution without knowing weddings. We talk to wedding planners on a regular basis. We recognize the stress couples are going through when we pick up their space-hogging lounge chairs, chaises, and other home furnishings that clutter walkways, staging areas, and extra seating space. Likewise, we have the climate-controlled facility, vault-style units, and general know-how to preserve your dress just as it was on your wedding day. Whether or not you end up needing storage this year, we hope our planning resources make your wedding and your whole year one that you’ll never want to forget.

Tips and Resources for an Extraordinary Wedding Day

You can find great guides on any number of wedding planning topics below, but first a reminder to keep perspective. Enjoy your engagement and remember: It’s the marriage and not the wedding that really counts.

Don’t Be a Ticking Time Bomb: Use this 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

Reduce the stress you experience during your engagement by giving yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding. Yes, many couples find a way to take care of everything in just a few months, but it’s also true that it’s almost never too early to start getting into the nitty-gritty details and to determine what parts of your dream wedding may or may not be out of reach.

Asking Family for Money and Other Wedding Budget Tips

Looking at the gorgeous gowns, fabulous floral arrangements, and professional photography prices, it’s easy to get in over your head. There’s also tension between what you’re supposed to spend money on and what you really want to get out of your wedding. Here are some tips to help with asking family for money and getting the dream wedding you’ve always wanted without feeling guilty about the final price tag.  

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator?

It can be difficult for the soon-to-be bride and groom to stay on track and simply enjoy the wedding planning stage. Whether you need someone to guide you through the entire process, portions of the planning or just on the day of the event, a wedding coordinator may be indispensable.

Not Sure How to Start Your Wedding Planning?

Having trouble getting started with planning your wedding? The location of your wedding makes a huge impact on any number of decisions. Whether you’re getting married at Town Hall, a nearby venue or on a beautiful beach far from home, you can pull off the wedding of your dreams. Get some great advice from this article.

How to Be Beautiful & Guilt-Free on Your Wedding Day

Weddings can produce a lot of waste. More couples these days aspire for more sustainable weddings and industry experts are responding, so check out our eco-friendly wedding guide. And tell your friends that even people who aren’t willing to sacrifice their dream can make environmentally-conscious decisions when planning their wedding. You don’t have to think of your big day as being an “eco-friendly wedding.” You can just think of it as your wedding day—planned and executed by a couple who prefer to live more sustainably. 

Make Your At-Home Wedding a Success without Going Insane

Planning an at-home wedding comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Having the right tools to help you along this process can ease any burden that goes along with an at-home wedding. This article offers a few ways to relieve the pressure.

The To-Do List Every Couple Needs for Their Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Planning the ceremony and reception is hard enough, but often you’ll also need to help people traveling from out-of-town make their way to and from the wedding, as well as navigate the city itself for the duration of their stay. Here’s the list you need to keep guests happy and to make sure they have fond memories of your wedding as well. 

Regional Wedding Trends for the Pacific Northwest 

From Portland to Seattle, discover what other local couples are choosing to do with their weddings. We talked to a local, professional wedding planner to bring you the latest on-the-ground wisdom about what’s trending with weddings in the Puget Sound area. You won’t want to miss these tips. 

How to Insure Your Engagement Ring (and Your Own Peace of Mind)

The proposal was exactly what you always dreamed of. Now you have a fabulous fiancé, a picture-perfect ring and… pure panic? Don’t let the idea of losing your ring keep you up at night. Check out this article for tips on insuring your engagement ring.

How to Make Your Post-Wedding Life Easier

Your hard work paid off. The ceremony was a sweet success and the reception was beyond imagination. Settling into your home as Mr. and Mrs. is exhilarating… until you look around at the post-wedding items you accumulated: the wedding dress, gifts, table settings, pictures, champagne flutes, the cake knife….What’s more, what was “yours” is “ours”—times two. If you need time to settle into your newlywed life and living space, use our storage to get out from under the clutter now.