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Make Your At-Home Wedding a Success without Going Insane

Most at-home weddings are outdoor affairs, ideally with some type of open porch or gazebo already part of landscape design. In fact, given the right residence, your home wedding doesn’t have to play second fiddle to any venue. If you know someone with a larger home that has an open floor plan, it may be plausible to host a small ceremony inside. Even still, the plan for rainy weather is more often canopies, tents and a little patience, rather than a jam-and-cram strategy.

Whether some or all of your wedding-related events take place outside, you’ll probably need to spend some time cleaning and organizing. You may decide that the workspace in the garage needs to be cleared so it can be used as a staging area. Spare bedrooms need to be de-cluttered to make space for VIP guests. The kitchen chairs or outdoor loungers may be comfortable, but they’re also space hogs. Instead, you need to make room for more folding chairs.

Rather than simply moving things around in a finite space, actually solve the problem by putting non-essential, non-wedding items into storage. With our full-service storage, there’s no more renting vans, hiring movers, and taking time out of your already busy schedule to put items in storage. With us, just pack your smaller items into boxes and give us a call or place your order online. We’ll take care of the rest, while you make your home event-ready.

How Budget Savings and Splurging Go Hand-in-Hand

One of the most common wedding budget tips is to host the engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner at home rather than renting out a room at a restaurant. But it can also work the other way around: Maybe you have your heart set on a favorite, if expensive, restaurant for one pre-wedding event or another. Just generally speaking, saving on the venue rental does wonders for splurging on the rest of your wedding plans and budget.

There are any number of trade-offs that can make for an amazing home wedding. Here’s another strategy we’ve heard of: The host, often a parent of the bridge or groom, agrees to a porch or gazebo addition that turns a far-fetched idea into an incredible and incredibly elegant home wedding experience.

Why Use Full-Service Storage for Your At-Home Wedding?

A lot of couples turn to storage to make their at-home wedding a success, but not all storage offers the same level of help. Onsite storage containers are not a cure-all for extra space and home weddings. It often takes a lot longer to load storage into these containers than you might think. Plus, items quickly become inaccessible. What happens when the father of the bride discovers his golf shoes or golf clubs are now 15 feet deep? Another kind of nightmare happens when the uninvited neighbor crashes the wedding and starts complaining that the storage container is a blight on the neighborhood. Traditional self-storage units are even worse for the time and hassle. Instead, Closetbox has the answer you’re looking for.

Resources for Your Post-Wedding Sanity

Can’t find a spot to store your wedding dress? Have surplus materials you might want to use for something else? Finally moving into a place of your own with your spouse? Whether you need to store leftover wedding supplies or you’re starting a new life together, you can also look to us for your post-wedding storage.

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