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Caretaker’s Guide to Moving Seniors Into a Facility

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the senior population is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, reaching a projected 83.7 million U.S. adults aged 65 and older by 2050.  Read More >


Looking for a comprehensive checklist and an easy reference for childproofing your home at any age? From bathing and burn prevention tips to safety gates and window guards, we have the information you need. More than just your ordinary checklist, however, we wanted to present these tips alongside a … Read More >

Comparison Shopping: Cardboard Boxes vs. Plastic Containers

Planning to move or take on a storage project?  Read More >

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Trade Show Storage

Effective trade show storage is about a lot more than just putting booth and marketing materials into a local self-storage unit. Various work and trade show schedules must be coordinated. Reliable pickup and return delivery must be assured. Secure storage units must protect against both major and mi… Read More >


Creating a sensory safe haven for kids with autism

Most children enjoy playing in their bedrooms, but children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) especially need a safe space to relax in when they feel overwhelmed.  Read More >

Curb appeal for resale value: A guide to the basics

When it comes to pleasing potential homebuyers, what is inside your house can be just as important as what is outside.  Read More >

Disaster Planning: The Need for Business Storage in the Event of Severe Weather

Have you ever endured a natural disaster? Hopefully the answer is no, but this study shows that the number of people affected by natural disasters around the world is rising. In the past few years, earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, fires, floods, and tornadoes have increased severely, costing mill… Read More >


Don’t Fall Victim to this Home Staging Myth

Selling a house is a massive undertaking, and it’s common for sellers to pour hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into preparing a home for the market. But dollar-for-dollar and hour-for-hour, not all investments are the same, and how you allocate the finite resources at your disposal can pla… Read More >

Don’t Skip this Early Step for Your Basement Remodeling Plan

If you’re looking to get extra living space and update your home with a finished basement, you’re probably experiencing a strong mix of excitement about the finished product and worry about the cost, scheduling, and design choices that go into this type of home remodel.  You probably don’t know… Read More >

Downsizing or Reorganizing Your Home After the Passing of a Loved One

When your spouse or partner passes away, you are left behind with a lot — a lot of emotions, a lot of memories, a lot of pain, and a lot you now have to do on your own.  Read More >

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Moving Boxes

Moving to the other side of town? Moving across the country? Putting things into storage? Looking for the best tips about buying, using, and packing your moving boxes? Check out our guide to all things moving boxes including specific projects, challenges, and resources that may speak to you and your… Read More >

Final Logistics: A step-by-step guide to handling a loved one’s belongings after…

Image courtesy of Pixabay When someone passes away, they leave everything behind, including their belongings. It falls to the surviving loved ones to rehome or reorganize these items, from leftover food in the kitchen to linens in the closet. But remembering which housekeeping tasks need to get done… Read More >

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