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Looking for a comprehensive checklist and an easy reference for childproofing your home at any age? From bathing and burn prevention tips to safety gates and window guards, we have the information you need. More than just your ordinary checklist, however, we wanted to present these tips alongside a timeline of important developmental milestones….

  • Babyproofing (0-6 Months): “Until your baby starts moving around on its own, environmental health—and SIDS prevention especially—should be the primary focus of babyproofing the home….” 
  • Young Infants (6-18 Months): “Exploration is as important to the child as it is stressful for the parent. More than childproofing your home into a dreary institutional setting, you want to enrich the home with age-appropriate toys and books that you can read to the child….” 
  • Toddlers (18 Months-4 Years): “Curiosity is an overwhelming force to your toddler and it goes hand-in-hand with their sponge-like ability to soak up new information. At the age of 3, your child is adding around 50 new words to their vocabulary every day! They don’t have time to stop and listen to your well-reasoned logic!…”

Practicing Caution and Nurturing Development

The best strategy for childproofing your home isn’t so much about turning your entire house into a hermetically sealed safe room as it is about creating a living environment that can keep your child safe, while also adapting to the incredible amount of development your child will undergo during his or her first few years of life. More than just home safety, a childproofing timeline can also be used as part of tracking your child’s developmental milestones and keeping an eye out for any red flags that may turn up along the way.

Already have a beat on childproofing your home and looking to storage as the final step for some number of items that you want to keep but which are not safe in the home right now? Check out one of our local storage centers.