Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Moving Boxes

Moving to the other side of town? Moving across the country? Putting things into storage? Looking for the best tips about buying, using, and packing your moving boxes? Check out our guide to all things moving boxes including specific projects, challenges, and resources that may speak to you and your situation.


Match Your Packing Strategy with Your Moving Priorities

Often, the perfect piece of advice for one person isn’t the same as it is for the next. Let’s talk about one common challenge people face—packing dishes. It’s great that someone posted on their social media account that their grandmother’s washrags were the perfect size for their square appetizer plates. Maybe this is just the life hack you need, or more likely it does you no good at all. We’re going to try to connect you with all the best tips and resources out there, but we also recommend you think for a minute and how you can play to your own strengths and how packing dishes fits in with the rest of your packing project:


  • Do you still get a daily newspaper delivered? Or maybe you pick up a weekly at your favorite coffee shop? Do you love to cook and keep a clean house and thus have a solid collection of tea towels? Maybe you’re an avid online shopper who can start saving a variety of different packing materials as they arrive in the mail. Packed air, packing paper, foam popcorn….it’s always good to have options, especially if you have a variety of items to pack.


  • Maybe you’re trying to move across the country with only what you can fit in your car(s), while also taking pride in your organizational skills and not wasting space. In this case, you may be stuffing socks, underwear, and assorted linens into the nooks and crannies around your dishes.


  • Maybe you’re less concerned about saving a few bucks and more concerned about saving time and headaches. There are a number of ways in which you can throw a little money at the problem, while still being smart. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a dish-packing kit at any number of big-box stores. Really in a bind in terms of running errands? We have a delivery service available that will bring moving boxes and packing kits right to your front door.


This topic may sound boring, but it can actually rile people’s passions to a surprising degree. We talked to one person who was moving across the country and got into a rather tense discussion with his mother-in-law about the best way to pack dishes. He wanted to use his tea towels. She thought if you packed them separately you wouldn’t have to wash when you unpack.


Wardrobe Boxes for Every Situation

Whether you’re moving or putting items in storage, clothing is often short-changed when it comes to packing and preparation. From purchasing wardrobe boxes to throwing everything into a suitcase and calling it a day, our guide to wardrobe storage provides helpful tips and resources for any type of project.


More Resources and Buying Tips

We don’t like to pretend that we’re the only source of wisdom for moving boxes. Rather than sifting through pages of search results, we’ve taken a good look around. Here are some of the best online resources we’ve found:


  • Tips for Free Moving Boxes: Looking for a particular life hack when it comes to moving boxes? We recommend Apartment Therapy as a great place to start, but this list is anything but exhaustive. Our favorite tip that’s not already on this list? The plastic bags at Target are incredibly strong.


  • An Easy Guide for Finding Moving Boxes on Amazon: This Video Wiki page is a great way to zero in on the best choices for different kinds of moving boxes you can buy on Amazon.


  • Popular Places to Buy Moving Boxes: Apart from Amazon, there are a ton of places online dedicated exclusively to selling and shipping moving boxes. Online, we recommend Uboxes. Offline, you should be able to find what you need at big-box stores like Lowe's or Home Depot.