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Why You Should Spend $60 on Packing Boxes from Closetbox

Like any moving or storage company, Closetbox offers our own bundle of packing supplies. The Closetbox Pack has 10 small boxes, 5 medium boxes, a bunch of packing paper, and two large rolls of tape. Essentially, everything you need to fully box up your storage items. What about large boxes? With Closetbox, you don’t need them. That’s because we offer complimentary shrink wrap, blankets, and breathable bags for furniture and other larger, qualifying items.

Know that we’re not trying to push an unnecessary and unwanted expense on to your storage project. (A lot of our customers already had enough of that with the outrageous administrative fees that are so common with self-storage units.) We provide comprehensive advice and tips for finding free storage boxes (future link). Yet, there are legitimate reasons to consider spending $59.99 for our package of supplies. Think about this:

Underrated Convenience

First and foremost, we deliver these supplies directly to your front door. There’s no need to scrounge for used boxes, no asking around from friend to neighbor to family member, no cold-calling businesses, no greasing the palms of retail employees. Just take a few minutes to contact us, and we’ll get our bundle of box supplies out to your home or business location pronto.

It’s not just the delivery, though. It’s also the timing. One of the tips we give our customers, for example, is to catch up on their online shopping and then to save and reuse the boxes that arrive in the mail. The thing is it’s not always practical to buy everything all at once, and finding a reasonable place for these extra boxes may be a bigger issue than you first suppose….You may imagine the boxes will stack neatly inside one another, but you’ll often end up with boxes of such similar size that they won’t fit inside each other. Plus, even a few weeks’ time may be much too long if the boxes are a bad enough eyesore, or if you have a cat or dog that may not be able to resist making your storage boxes their new plaything.

This is one of the most commonly underrated benefits of Closetbox’s concierge service. It’s not just that delivery saves you time. It’s also that scheduled, on-demand delivery eliminates the ridiculousness of storage box storage.

New Cardboard is Reliable Cardboard

Our boxes are new, and combined with our climate-controlled facility, designed to last for long periods of time. We can prevent new mold growth, but we can’t guarantee to protect your storage against mildew that’s already there because the boxes have spent considerable time in dank basement areas or poorly maintained warehouse facilities.

The weight is another big concern with larger boxes. Here’s the last thing you want to do: A large, used box packed on the bottom with books and then topped off with something fragile just because it fits well. The books may seem like they offer a cushion, but more likely they’re just heavy enough to burst through the bottom without offering protection for other falling objects.

Moving-Specific Boxes and Smart Storage Solutions

Again, our bundle of packing supplies is designed specifically for easy and durable storage solutions, but it’s far from the only resource we offer. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to learn more about the pickup service, online tracking, and multiple return options that put us a clear step ahead of traditional self-storage systems.