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Comprehensive Solutions for Your Trade Show Storage

Effective trade show storage is about a lot more than just putting booth and marketing materials into a local self-storage unit. Various work and trade show schedules must be coordinated. Reliable pickup and return delivery must be assured. Secure storage units must protect against both major and minor damage. Items may be as large as a deluxe-size booth exhibit or as small as a stack of sign-in sheets. Industry- and company-specific promotional items may have a variety of quirks that need to be followed in terms of the way they’re stored and, even more importantly, handled.

Discover trade show storage from Closetbox. Our concierge service model is the perfect vehicle to meet the specific challenges of trade show vendors and their business marketing goals.

Trade Show Storage Services from Closetbox

  • Basic Advantages of Offsite Storage: You may think you have the perfect spot to store trade show materials at the office or in the back room of your storefront, but the reality is often quite different. Once they begin to store a large quantity of business supplies that are only used a handful of times a year, it quickly becomes clear to managers and owners just how valuable their business space and square footage actually is.
  • Trade Show Booth Storage: A deluxe, visually-appealing trade show booth is a bona fide business asset. It’s essential that you protect it with trade show booth storage that will maintain and return the exhibit space in the same condition you left it. Because bold colors are important for making your booth stand out, even a little fading is a problem. Our clean, secure, and climate-controlled units will ensure your booth structure, as well as any digital signage and lighting fixtures, look like-new year after year.
  • Responsive Drayage Services: For some business folks, preparing for trade shows can leave your schedule a jumbled mess. That’s why we offer multiple service options for retrieving your storage. Let us take of your short-distance moving and handling needs, known as drayage. We can deliver your trade show storage to any business or exhibit location within our service area. You can also swing by the warehouse and load your storage items directly with help from one of our storage professionals.
  • Customized Trade Show Exhibits: Not all trade show storage is right for every event on the calendar. Maybe you have slightly different exhibit displays for when you’re able to score a corner booth location. Maybe you’ve developed separate marketing materials for annual spring vs. fall trade show events. Maybe you have a different booth set up depending on whether the trade show allows vendor presentations. With our online tracking and itemized inventories, it’s easy to retrieve only the exact storage items you want for the next, upcoming trade show.

Take Storage off Your Trade Show Planning Checklist with Closetbox

The experts will tell you that you need to start planning for your first trade show at least a year in advance. But if you’re anything like the other business owners and managers we talk to, this level of foresight and pre-planning is unrealistic. Even on short notice we can take care of picking up, storing, and delivering your trade show supplies. Looking ahead, we can also help you maintain both your trade show items and your trade show schedule. If you have any questions about storing specialty items with Closetbox, or our storage resources in general, don’t hesitate to contact one of our storage concierge professionals.