Self-starter, start here and make your idea a reality.


We need to get something off our chest. Many of us here at Closetbox have had the benefit of scholarships in various forms to help us get an education. We have grown our business to over 50 storage locations in two years from the effort and minds of college graduates. Because of all this, we want to return the gift. In addition, we are a startup, and in the various startup communities, a negative view of college education has taken hold. It is one we take issue with. Education is vital for the young minds starting the businesses of tomorrow, and we want to help keep bright young people in school through to the end with a financial boost. Thus, we have created the $5000 Closetbox Entrepreneur Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a current college/university student in good standing with the institution (passing GPA, bills paid). High school and graduate school students are not eligible.

Must have demonstrable need. (If you already have a full ride, you don't need our sweet cash.)

Must fill out the below application by 1200 midnight, December 15, 2016.

Must have an idea, invention, business, website, app, or the like that you have created as a functioning business, tool, application, blog, etc. We are looking to award the self-starter who has already proven his/her ability to take an idea and turn it into something real and functioning.