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Between seasonal home maintenance, wardrobe changes, back-to-school projects, autumn anxiety, and yoga, there’s a variety of topics, trends, and demands which are connected to the fall season and which dovetail nicely with a clutter-free living space.


How Clutter Starts

Got clutter? You’re not the only one. If you’re like us, your home has taken on clutter one item and one area at a time. Here’s what we mean: Almost all homes have at least one room or living area with inadequate storage space. So you move some of the items that would be in that room to a different area. But then some time down the road, you have additional items you want to store in this now overtaxed area of the home.

This can lead to a major storage problem, but it may also mean that if you can find a way to install just one new built-in storage area, you may be able to unwind your entire clutter situation room-by-room.


More Strategies to Declutter Your Home

At the same time, nifty tips about home organization and storage don’t fix every clutter problem. Here are additional methods for decluttering your home:


  • Build a New Storage Space: Your clutter may be there simply because your household has grown too big for the home’s floor plan. Just because you don’t use an item every single day doesn’t mean it’s not an “everyday” item. And so the solution comes in expanding your home’s livable space. This could be a basement or attic remodel. It could be a storage shed or a garage addition. This type of solution is expensive, but it also tends to be comprehensive.


  • Donate the Items: The classic declutter call is to save, pitch, donate, recycle, or store, but many of these categories overlap and many contain starkly different approaches. Take giving your clutter away, for example. Maybe a summer dress, winter coat, antique décor, modern TV, or outdoor gear isn’t right for you anymore, but is the best plan donating the item to charity? Or do you know a friend, coworker, or associate who would appreciate the item?


  • Pitch or Recycle it….Wisely: Some people don’t put a lot of stock in recycling, some people think everything can be recycled. But it’s not always just a question of what can and can’t be sorted into the bins provided by the city. It’s not just aluminum cans, for example. Aluminum in all shapes and sizes is great to recycle for the energy savings and reduced smelting requirements alone. Many types of batteries and electronics are also more important to recycle than, say, newspaper.


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