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When you make the decision to settle into an smaller home in a retirement community.You will have help and support as you grow older. You will make new friends and have activities to keep you occupied. However, it can be challenging to think about packing up your home and moving into a smaller home.

Here are some tips to make downsizing go a little smoother.

  • Give yourself plenty of time. Start as soon as you think about moving. The longer that you have to move, the less stressed you may get. If you are even thinking about downsizing, it is time to start going through your things. If you have a few months, you will be less likely to just throw everything away because you are in a hurry to move.
  • Stay organized. Start with one drawer, one closet, or one room at a time. Go through things in an organized manner. Be sure to divide your things into piles. Decide what you need to keep. What do you want to give away to your family and friends? What can be donated or sold at a yard sale if you have time? What should just be thrown away?
  • Be reasonable. Though you may want to keep everything, you must be realistic. You are not going to be able to take everything with you. You are going to have smaller rooms, less closet space, and less storage so you are going to have to be particular with what you take along. You are going to have to leave some things behind.
  • Don’t give away something that you will regret. There are going to be some things that you can’t part with, like old photographs and other memorabilia. Some things are worth finding room for in your new home. However, with some bigger things, you may be able to take pictures instead of taking the object!
  • For things that you don’t use often, is there a way that you can borrow or rent one when you need to? There are plenty of things that are handy to have around but how often do you really use them, especially if you don’t have the space to store them? Can you borrow a friend’s breadmaker when you only use it once a year? What about the ten extra chairs that you keep for the holidays? Can you borrow them or rent them instead of trying to find a place to store them in your new home?
  • Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you want it. Your children and friends should be willing to help you with heavy lifting that you are unable to do. They may also be able to help you go through your things.

It can be very hard to downsize into a smaller home. You have a lot of memories (and stuff) in your home. You need to be realistic. Figure out where you are going and how much room that you will have. Determine exactly what you are going to be able to take. How much storage are you going to have? What can’t you live without? Then, start going through everything else. Divide it into piles. What should be thrown away? What do you want to give to family and friends? What can be donated or sold at a yard sale (if you have time)? You will be surprised with a little help (and plenty of time), you will be looking forward to moving into a retirement community where you can meet a lot of new people!

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