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Spring is here! Finally, time to air out, organize, clean, and de-junk your house after a long couple of months in winter hibernation. During the winter months your house becomes pretty stuffy and dusty because there is not much ventilation, but spring cleaning can fix all that. Here are some tips and ideas to use as you do your spring cleaning this year:


Start with your messiest most unorganized room or closet (starting with the worst part of the house means you get the hardest jobs done first), and clean it. Simply cleaning the whole house, the way you normally would before company comes over, will help you see the deep cleaning issues that need to be met. Go room to room cleaning and taking note of the big/small jobs that still need to be done.

closet spring cleaning

Organize and De-Junk

As you go through each room, closet, and drawer in the house you need to organize and de-junk. De-junking means going through every item of clothing, every piece of paper, and every last toy and deciding whether or not you are going to keep it, junk it, or store it. Here are the main questions you need to ask as you de-junk and organize: Is it nice? Do I like it? Is it useful? Have I used it in the last month or year? If the answer is yes to some or all of these questions then you can keep it.

Stuff for Storage

The only problem with de-junking and organizing your house for spring cleaning is that once you have set aside all the stuff that you only use certain times a year like coats, gloves, holiday decorations, etc. it can be difficult to decide where to put it all. Create less stress in your life by storing those things and opening up more clutter-free room in your house.

spring cleaning

Clean the Little Things

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go through the house and do all the little things that you don’t normally do. For example: Dust and wipe in all the nooks and crannies, clean out the dust bunnies under the bed, wash all the lint out of the dryer, etc. Anything that looks or could be dirty should be cleaned.

Clean the Big Things

There are a lot of big jobs you should do to complete your spring cleaning. Some of these things include:

  • Shampoo the carpet – you can rent a carpet washing machine for the day for pretty cheap and the difference in your carpet will definitely be worth the price. (You can also use this machine to wash things like cushions, table seats, etc.)
  • Clean out the windows and window Tracks (A lot of dirt, dust, and bugs accumulate in the window tracks so they are probably ready for a good scrubbing.)
  • Clean out the fridge and the freezer – this should be done more than once a year but make sure it gets done during your spring cleaning.
  • Wash all the blinds, drapes, bedding, etc.
  • Wipe the walls, ceilings, tiles, and trim (A lot of dirt, grime, and dust can accumulate over the winter.)
  • Polish the silver and other metals
  • Dust the tops of the ceiling fans (these get unbelievably dirty during the winter.)
  • Wax non-wood floors
  • Move all the furniture (including the fridge and the stove) and clean out underneath.

Spring cleaning and regular maintenance will keep your house looking and feeling nicer for much longer. You should also do many of things during the fall, right before winter hits so that the house is nice and clean for the cold stuffy winter.

If you would like some spring cleaning and storage tips, please contact us today.