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Spring cleaning is an overwhelming undertaking. Between fixing up your home’s exterior and scrubbing away at the interior, you’ll likely spend a lot of time addressing winter damage and clutter. In Tennessee, it’s easy to think you’ll have plenty of time to take care of your spring cleaning, only to watch March turn into April turn into May with hardly anything accomplished. Often, it is in your best interest to hire a professional cleaner. Instead of wasting valuable time and money on products you’ll only use once a year, these professionals will do the job perfectly and in a fraction of the time. We spoke with Victor Vargas of Nashville-area Maid Cleaning about what potential clients should look for in a cleaning professional.


Spring Cleaning is Not a One-Time Job

“Spring cleaning is a British tradition,” Vargas began. “They have a special national spring cleaning week, and the goal is to have a deep cleaning to remove all dust accumulated in the winter and to also refresh the home for the rest of the year. It works the same way in Nashville, and thus, all cleaning companies have spring cleaning as an additional service.” When it comes to spring cleaning in Nashville, Vargas explains that clients should prioritize quality, not price. If your professional does the job correctly the first time, you’ll likely avoid seeking additional services. “Maid Cleaning offers a spring cleaning service, and all of our services employ high-detail quality, not just once a year or the first time you hire us, but every time.”


Who Hires Professional Cleaners?

Vargas gave us a peak into his business. “Our customer target is a professional and busy person or family, somebody who is very demanding with the cleaning, and who don’t have a problem hiring using an online service.” Whether you don’t have the time or the necessary skills to deeply clean your home, a professional cleaner is a great idea. Moreover, establishing a relationship with a cleaner can lead to a consistently clean home. Vargas tells us that around 80 percent of Maid Cleaning’s customers choose the recurrent cleaning service, which ensures a continually clean and tidy home.


What You Should Know before You Hire

Vargas advocates strongly for researching your professional cleaning options before choosing a service. “In this business and with the existing technology, it is very easy to see reviews of every service,” he says. “Our reputation as a business is very important, and residents should know that you get the service you pay for.” Additionally, you should be privy to the equipment and products used in the home, as well as if the company is insured. This will cover costs if accidents or damage occurs in the home.

Once you’ve chosen a professional, you should prepare the space before they arrive. Vargas confirmed that moving and organizing objects that can obstruct an area is a great help to the cleaners. He advises to put pets in a safe place, provide appropriate access to all areas, and avoid locking doors. He explains, “It helps to provide communication about cleaning equipment in advance, and indicate if any part of the house or any specific piece of furniture requires special care.”

“Our service includes a light decluttering,” Vargas continued, “but if the cleaning area needs additional work, we inform the customer that we won’t be able to clean the area.” This elevates the importance of ‘cleaning before the cleaners.’ If you don’t adequately prepare, you risk wasting valuable time and money.


Get Storage and Cleaning Help for All Your Nashville Home Projects

There are any number of reasons you may be looking for that extra deep clean: a major home remodel, putting your home on the market, preparing to welcome a new member of family, endeavoring to live a more organized life, relocating or managing the time demands for work. If storage is part of these project needs, you’re going to want to check out our Nashville storage center. We offer full-service convenience for about the same price as self-storage units.

And for a professional cleaner in Nashville, know that Maid Cleaning is a great choice. “Quality is the most important part of our business,” Vargas explains. “We are a 100% eco-friendly cleaning company, and we use high-quality, environmentally-friendly products certified by Green Seal. We also use HEPA filtration vacuums and 100% electric vehicles to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.” Convenience and personalization are also factors for Maid Cleaning: “Our team will always give the extra effort to guarantee not only a great service, but to offer a unique experience—which is exactly what people are looking for. Our booking process is 100% online, and the client is not required to call to obtain a quote, service information, or appointment booking. Additionally, we developed apps for both iPhones and Androids to help the customer track the service and take control of all appointments, payments, and service information.”