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A big problem facing a lot of art galleries face is a dilemma between limited floor plans and an otherwise desirable location. Specifically, many galleries are located in the center of town where commercial districts provide a ton of foot traffic but few opportunities to expand their space. What’s a gallery to do when it becomes the victim of its own success? Using an offsite storage facility is often the most popular answer.

We’re not denying that art racks and compact shelving can play a role in making the best use of the space you already have. But these can only do so much. With a more robust storage solution, you can implement a fuller display rotation to keep the gallery fresh for repeat visitors. It also means you can maintain a fuller stock of artwork so you never have to leave a display empty.


Festivals, Events, and Business Displays

If you’re like a lot of art galleries, you take advantage of the increased exposure that comes with local street festivals and other special events. You’ve got enough to worry about setting up your booth and avoiding common mistakes that can hurt your sales. With a concierge storage company like Closetbox, you’ll get a big help by having your art storage delivered on-demand.

Local business displays are another great way to make use of your surplus inventory. Our online dashboard and delivery service ensures that—once you notify us that a piece of art sold—the next item up should arrive within 24 hours.


Shipping and Handling

Many art gallery owners and employees don’t have a lot of spare time to shuttle their surplus inventory back and forth. But at the same time, you need to make sure your storage company takes all due precautions when handling the artwork. Closetbox, for example, uses only professional storage handlers who are familiar with basic handling instructions for paintings and other common art mediums. We also encourage our customers to provide any extra handling instructions for items that require special care. Most of our art gallery customers wrap up their own pieces of artwork, but we do have shrink wrap, moving blankets and specially-designed, breathable bags for appropriate mediums and works of art.


Valuables Coverage for Artwork

Valuables coverage is especially popular for artwork for one simple reason: Standard insurance protections are typically based on weight. (At Closetbox, our standard insurance offers up to $.60 per pound, hardly enough to cover the value of most artwork.) That said, it’s usually not as complicated as it sounds to reach valuations on the artwork, especially if your gallery already has much of the paperwork on hand (proof of ownership, provenance, photos, certified appraisal). Find general tips for insuring fine art here.


Safe and Secure Storage Units

Valuables coverage may protect the financial interests of your art gallery, but only safe and secure storage units will protect the art itself. Beware of self-storage units that allow other customers 24/7 access to the storage grounds, which may be secluded and poorly lit. Moreover, you need climate-controlled units for most types of art storage. The storage units from Closetbox offer protection from solar radiation and a constant temperature between 65-85 degrees. Discover our concierge-style solution and make a better choice for your art gallery storage.