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Now that the calendar month is turning over to August, families are looking at their back-to-school to-do list with an increasing sense of urgency. Here are 5 popular back-to-school storage projects that are better with Closetbox.

1. Don’t Let Clutter Ruin the Vibe: One of the best parts about the back-to-school season is the new clothes, fresh supplies, schedule planners, and general organization. There’s renewed focus and energy. There’s a palpable sense of opportunity and endless possibility about what the upcoming school year will bring. Don’t let this vibe be muted by a home that’s overrun with clutter. Study after study after study confirms that our immediate environment has a much bigger impact on mood and production than we typically give it credit for.

2. Storing Summer Supplies: You’re probably not going to have much opportunity to visit the public swimming pool and local playground with school back in session. Maybe you need to store a drafting table, sewing machine, or artwork and supplies, now that summer camp is winding down and your child will be returning home soon. Kayaking, fishing, hiking…For a lot of people, back-to-school means trading in one set of backpacking supplies for another.

3. First Day of School Storage for Parents: The very first day of school is an emotional time for parents. There’s the pride of watching your growing child leave for school. Then, there’s the worry that comes with increasingly less control over your kid’s day-to-day activity. But at the same time, sending your kid to school is an opportunity to get in touch with yourself and long-neglected interests. Storage can help your reclaim a spare bedroom or garage space for yoga and other exercises, a variety of arts and crafts, a reading room, or a workspace. The possibilities are virtually endless.


4. Storage for Groups that Rent School Facilities: The back-to-school season can also mean vacating the school grounds for groups that were renting the building or specific facilities for the summer. It could be an intramural sports league. Career and skills training programs. Temporary community events center. Or maybe the dean at your community college has been renting out the school for raves on the weekend. Here, too, it’s hard to come up with an exhaustive list. The point is don’t let the relationship you’ve built with the school go sour. Have all your supplies out in a timely manner with our convenient and reliable storage solution.

5. Back-to-School Storage Retrieval: For many types of back-to-school supplies, you don’t need to do any shopping, budgeting, or deal-hunting. Instead, it’s time to retrieve your items out of their summertime storage unit. A lot of people travel for the summer. College students returning to campus may have planned a new living situation for the upcoming school year and put their belongings into storage in lieu of paying rent over the summer. Or maybe you have backpacks and other school supplies, fall and Halloween decoration, hunting gear, or winter sporting equipment that’s about to come back into season.

Discover Closetbox and how our pickup, online tracking, on-demand returns, and exact storage pricing can help with any of your back-to-school storage projects.

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