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Discover some of our popular storage resources and project ideas for residents, businesses, and organizations throughout the greater Detroit-area:


1. Inventors, Entrepreneurs, History and Heritage: Detroit’s automotive industry attracts more than its fair share of inventors and engineers. But not every tinkerer is working under the auspices of Ford, GM, or Chrysler. Likewise, the history and heritage of Detroit is much richer than just auto-making. From ice cream soda to the first ever news radio broadcast, from the great sale mines to feather bowling, from Motown to Techno, our local storage center receives an incredible range of storage project needs. Apart from food perishables and highly flammable materials, we’ll take most things that can be moved by two strong adults.


2. Sports Memorabilia and Equipment: This is one of the great sports towns of America. Each one of the four major U.S. sports has a storied franchise in Detroit—the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings. Whether you’ve got a cherished item from Barry Sanders, Kirk Gibson, or the Bad Boys. Or maybe you have an older piece from a time in which the Detroit Lions were a football dynasty. Our secure, climate-controlled storage facility can handle any number of highly-valued items. At the same time, like any great sports town, it’s not just being a fan. It’s also being a participant. We’ve got all your team and individual sports equipment needs covered.


3. Convenient Downtown Storage Solutions: Defined by the skyscrapers known as the Renaissance Center, there are any number of shops, restaurants, and service businesses that may have commercial storage needs. Throughout the entire downtown business district, there aren’t exactly a lot of options for convenient and affordable self-storage units. The cost of the real estate is simply too high. Nevertheless, “the city within a city” has overflow storage needs just like any other high-density commercial district. There are similar factors in play for many of the nearby urban neighborhoods including the Eastern Market, Midtown, and Mexicantown.


4. Seasonal and Recreational Storage Needs:

From lake and ice storage to Detroit’s urban farming community, from golf to skiing, from the State Fair to the Woodward Dream Cruise, there is a huge array of seasonal and recreational storage needs. Rather than build a costly storage shed or home addition, find more space on your property by leveraging our storage solutions to deal with items you don’t use during various times of the year.


5. Neighborhoods and Families in Transition: While the population of Detroit is decreasing, many of the suburban areas just outside the city—like Macomb—have been growing at a healthy pace for years. The city is definitely in a period of uncertainty and transition, but the reality is also populated by individual families who themselves may be looking to downsize on your next home, declutter your current living space, prepare for a new member of the household, take on a major home improvement project, or build a custom dream home. Maybe you’ve experienced a job promotion, the loss of a loved one, or a falling out with your spouse. There are, in fact, countless circumstances that can be best handled with a self-storage unit, especially when you use the hassle-free and cost-effective solutions from Closetbox.