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1. Worry-Free Storage Facilities: We don’t compromise the security of our storage facilities, while also making smart choices for cost-effective storage units. In Kansas City, there’s no shortage of hazards to contend with. There are times of heavy rains and floods, as well as drought-stricken years. There are tornadoes and hail storms. And with its intercontinental location, it’s not just the heat of the summer and chill of the winter, but the thermal shock of rapidly changing temperatures that can threaten many different types of belongings.

Continuously monitored, climate-controlled, fortress-like facilities are part of our reliable and responsive Kansas City storage solutions. 


2. Food and Beverage: That said, we knew we’d need to make smart choices if we were going to offer pickup at a price that competes with traditional self-storage units. Whether it’s your craft beer or fine wine collection, deep refrigeration and humidity-controlled storage cabinets are best kept close at hand. But the thing is food perishables are but one small part of food and beverage storage. Maybe you have home brewing supplies. Maybe you have seasonal grill equipment. Maybe you have custom glassware and old beer steins.


Or maybe you have food display racks. Just because the produce you offer at any number of local KC farmers markets was picked less than 24 hours ago doesn’t mean your booth, crates, and vendor supplies were. Enjoy running your exhibit booth again by letting us do the heavy lifting.


3. Music, History, Sports, and Entertainment: It’s easy for outsiders to dismiss us as the city with the BBQ or its own style of jazz, or the place where the Royals or Chiefs play sports. And yes, we do all these things like nowhere else, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential storage solutions. It could be overflow artwork from the Crossroads Arts District. It could be any number of musical instruments in or out of the jazz style. It could be souvenirs from the days of the Kansas City Kings. It could be antiques and heirlooms from the Battle of Westport or during Prohibition, when the city earned its nickname as the “Paris of the Plains.” Know that Closetbox is ready to handle a diverse set of storage order requests, as well as on-demand return delivery.


4. Travel and Adventure: It’s no wonder that people are moving to the Kansas City area all the time, but the town’s character is also formed by travel, adventure, and service. You need look no further than one of KC’s favorite sons, Walt Disney. Before Disney moved to California, before he ever formed Iwerks-Disney, he served in France in the American Ambulance Corps for a year. Even if you’re not quite ready for the two-year commitment required of the Peace Corps, Amtrak provides cost-effective opportunities for long-term travel adventures. At the same time, the Union Station area offers its own kind of travel experiences and memorabilia.


We also offer a better solution for a wide range of military training- and deployment-based storage needs. Closetbox is the best storage choice for more situations than a lot of people realize, but among the most cost-effective is using a storage unit to live rent-free during any extended period of travel. 


5. Welcoming New Members of the Family: The city’s population growth isn’t built solely on its reputation and ability to attract people from out of town. Maybe you’re expecting, maybe you’re fostering a child for the first time, maybe you’re taking in an aging parent, maybe you’re helping a parent move into a retirement village. If you need to declutter, reclaim an extra bedroom, or childproof the home in preparation for a new member of the family, we have your storage needs covered.