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Though it may have been some time ago, you likely remember the pride you felt when your parents hung some of your school work on the refrigerator.

That A grade doesn’t always come easy, and certainly deserves some recognition.

We share those feelings and are all about displaying well-deserved grades for all to see. However, we also realize that your fridge just isn’t quite big enough to house all of your kids’ school work that makes you a #proudparent.

But the thought of throwing away that hard work and those memories is just something we know you can’t bring yourself to do.

And guess what?

You don’t have to. We asked a couple organizing experts their tricks for organizing and storing your child’s amazing school projects, papers, drawings and tests. Here is what they shared.

1. Take photos of artwork

Art is tough when it comes to displaying versus putting away. Your kid just seems so excited about every picture s/he draws, but it is impossible for you to hang all of them.

“One solution is to take photographs of the artwork, print them and put them together in a photo album,” says parenting expert, Melissa Jenkins of Broken Bootstraps.

“You could take this a step further and have them turned into hardbound books that can be made online or at a local pharmacy photo center.”

This provides the best of both worlds — the ability to display your kids’ artwork in a manageable fashion that won’t have you fighting through artwork to find the handle to your refrigerator.

2. Turn that artwork into a portfolio

International Professional Organizer and founder of OrganizeNY Juli Oliver, suggested to us another fabulous idea. “If it’s artwork — [store in] a lightweight paper art portfolio. This type of storage easily fits in a closet, under a sofa or bed, or behind furniture.”

When you are looking to do some bragging about your kids’ artwork, all you have to do is grab the portfolio from under the bed and put it back when you’re done.

Everything is all in one place and easy to access.

3. There’s an app for that

In today’s day and age we weren’t surprised to hear that people are turning to technology for things such as this.

Apps exist that serve as a great solution to organizing and storing schoolwork problems.

Oliver suggests the app Keepy, or one like it, where you can “upload papers, photos — all in one place and easy to share with loved ones.”

This makes it easy for grandma and grandpa that live on the other side of the county to be able to participate in your kids’ lives and see the great work that they’re doing.

Isn’t technology amazing?

4. Good ol’ fashioned boxes

Sometimes being able to hold certain papers in your hand that your kids worked on just is something you cannot bear to part with.

That’s why we fully support your decision to not go full-tech, and opt rather for storing their schoolwork in boxes.

If the boxes idea is more up your alley, Closetbox will make things very easy for you.

All you have to do is pack up the schoolwork into boxes, give us a call, and we’ll pick up your boxes and take them to one of our storage facilities.

And when you feel like you want to take a trip down memory lane, pick up your phone, dial our number, and we’ll bring those boxes right back to you.

Easy enough.

But don’t skip over the details.

“Remember to label [the boxes] with your child’s name and age/grade. You will want to have those attached to your special memories when you look back at all of the progress your child has made over the years,” says Jenkins.

It doesn’t need to be complex — simply label the boxes by year/grade and you’ll easily be able to access memories from a specific time.

Closetbox will create a digital inventory of what you have stored,

5. How to handle those bigger school projects

Things like pieces of paper are much easier to handle than those volcano science projects that just do not fit into your house anywhere.

“Consider taking a picture of your child holding the masterpiece, then quietly disposing of the project while the family enjoys the pictures,” suggests Jenkins.

We think she’s onto something. How many science projects can one house handle?

6. File it

Files are a great way to store your kids’ schoolwork that makes it very easy for you to access.

And files are the perfect solution for those who love highly-organized spaces in their homes.

You can easily look up schoolwork by age or grade, grab them out, revel in their glory for a bit, and file them away again.

Files don’t provide the luxuries of viewing that things such as an app, digital file, or photo album does. However, the ease of flipping through different years of the actual, tangible work definitely makes files a great option.

Plus, you have the perfect opportunity to color coordinate things.

And don’t we all love that kind of opportunity? (Okay, maybe it’s just us).

7. Digital prints all in one book

If you’ve got access to a scanner, you’re going to love this organizing and storing trick.

It’s as simple as scanning all of your kids’ schoolwork into a digital file, and turning it into a digital scrapbook album — similar to our idea above regarding artwork.

Numerous high-quality book printing companies exist that will create incredible books for you to store on a bookshelf and view any time you’d like.

The only hard part of this one is parting with the physical schoolwork — you may find it difficult to just toss in those papers in the garbage.