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Though going to class and participating in the academic side of college is key to the college experience, there are a number of other things that contribute to the idea of you discovering yourself, and also discovering new people.

And, one of the best ways to do that is by joining a club on campus.

Find something that aligns with your interests, or something that you would like to have become a new interest.

From political clubs, to book clubs, and beyond, campuses today offer a variety of clubs that ensure there is something for everyone.

While there are the typical clubs you’ll find on every campus, there are certainly unique ones as well that tap into unusual interests.

Here are our favorite ones:

Game + Music Ensemble – UCLA

Many people don’t think of video game music as a genre of its own, but this club at UCLA feels very differently.

In fact, video game music is what the Game + Music Ensemble is all about.

This student-run group is made up of a choir, an orchestra, and chamber ensembles that come together to perform original video game music.

In its fourth year of existence, GME has performances twice a year that include the full orchestra and the choir, while chamber performances happen throughout the year.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a performance, you’ll find yourself enjoying music from popular games such as Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, and many more.

Does Game + Music Ensemble sounds like something you can see yourself loving? Simply send them an email, fill out the online form, and keep your fingers crossed.

Beyond the Front Row – Academy of Art University

“Attention future retail executives, event producers, creative directors, wardrobe stylists, social media influences, photojournalists, and industry power players! WE WANT YOU!” reads Beyond the Front Row’s description.

This club is all about fashion.

And we got a chance to speak with Beyond the Front Row co-President, Isis Simone.

The goal of this club is to “help students feel prepared when entering the professional world through interdisciplinary creative collaborations, community outreach opportunities, and educational seminars with experts who are masters of their craft,” says Simone.

BtFR stands out from other clubs on the Academy of Art University Campus in San Francisco in that it has “a focus on professionalism and creativity concurrently.”

With nearly 200 members and growing, this club has a large presence on campus that will continue to grow. Simone also hopes to “create a larger database of BtFR alumni to be able to pull from for jobs and other resources post-graduation.”

To get in on the trend and join this club, reach out to them via email.

Harry Potter Club – University of San Francisco

You think you’re a Harry Potter fan? We bet you’ve got nothing on the members of USF’s Harry Potter Club.

These guys don’t just like Harry Potter, they love it.

Members gather to “celebrate the wonders of J.K. Rowling’s world.” That can be anything from reading, to discussions about the books and series as a whole; movie watching, to some serious quidditch games.

And who wouldn’t be up for a quidditch game? If you’re a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, or are aspiring to be, this is the club for you.

To join, email the advisor.

MU Dropouts – Miami University

There’s nothing quite like breaking into the college experience by jumping out of an airplane.

When you’re a member of the MU Dropouts, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing — skydiving your way through the year.

Since 1972, the MU Dropouts have been giving students a way to take a break from the stresses of school and life, or a way to experience something wild by offering skydiving with the Dropouts.

Whether this is your first time skydiving, or you are already hooked and are looking to get your license, MU Dropouts have you covered.

Interested in trying your hand at skydiving? Simply fill out the online form, and you’ll be on your way to plunging towards Earth!

Pitches Be Trippin’ – American University

If you liked 
Pitch Perfect, you’re going to go crazy over Pitches Be Trippin at American U.

This all-women a cappella group was founded in 2013 to “give female singers at American University the opportunity to find community and camaraderie with girls equally passionate about singing a cappella music on campus, around DC, and beyond.”

Though not the only a cappella group at AU, Pitches Be Trippin’ is one of the top, and loves singing and performing with the other groups on campus.

Not only is this group female-focused in terms of its members, it is also female-focused in terms of its support. “We provide our members with a fun, supportive environment aimed toward reaching excellence in both the music and performance facets of a cappella.”

And this environment is also on that has a “special focus on supporting women’s causes.”

If you want in on this epic girl gang, simply email the Pitches.

Dragon Jedi – Drexel University

Calling all Star Wars fans! This club is definitely for you.

Drexel’s Dragon Jedi Club is “a group of performing artists who use lightsaber choreography, character development, costuming, and stage combat” to perform publicly, as well as for charity events in order to give back to the community.

The club meets to have training sessions, where choreographed sequences are practiced. These sequences are created through the use of a system of numbers and letters that refer to a variety of “attack patterns.”

Though it may appear from an outsider’s perspective that these guys are running around playing with lightsabers, that could not be further from the truth. Not only are their moves carefully planned, every move is also critiqued following practice.

Beginners are given a version of a saber called a boffer that is made out of PVC pipe. Once they’ve proven their skill with the boffer, they then graduate to the lightsaber.

Regardless of your level of experience, Dragon Jedi is always open to newbies, so don’t hesitate to email them if you feel this club is right up your alley.

KCAI Longboard Group – Kansas City Art Institute

Can you envision yourself cruising around the KCAI campus on a longboard?

If so, then this club is for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled longboarded, you’re sure to love this club.

From cruising to more skilled moves, the Longboard Group is a great way to get your longboarding game strong, while also meeting some like-minded people.

Plus, it makes getting to class so much quicker and easier.

If you think this cruising club sounds like you, email the Residence Life and Student Activities Coordinator.