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Easter is the perfect excuse to celebrate the arrival of spring — it’s a great day to head out for a yummy brunch together and grab a bouquet of fresh tulips on your way home. Plus, who doesn’t love Easter candy?

If you’re planning on breaking out the Easter decorations this year, be sure to give the team at Closetbox a call after the holiday is over. They’ll pick up the bunny figurines, pastel tablecloths and Easter garland from your home, then transport them to a secure storage unit.

When Easter rolls around again next year, simply let the team know that you need your decorations back and they’ll return them to your door. They can do the same when you’re ready to swap out your bulky winter sweaters for fresh spring outfits (and vice versa)!

To make the day even more special for your kids, consider these creative, DIY Easter baskets they will love.

Girl with baby chick

Rhyme guide

To personalize each child’s Easter basket, use this short rhyme to help guide your shopping choices:
something they want,
something they need,
something to wear
and something to read
suggests Heidi McBain, author of the book “Life Transitions: Personal Stories Of Hope Through Life’s Most Difficult Challenges and Changes.”

McBain started using this rhyme to buy Christmas gifts, then began applying it to other holidays, including Easter. For example, she might include Easter candy, new pencils, a set of headbands and a new book in an Easter basket for her children.

Children's books

Summer gear

Though we tend to have spring on the brain when Easter rolls around, summer isn’t that far off (yes!). Get your kids excited for hot, sunny days and trips to the pool with their Easter baskets.

Katie Kimball, the mom behind the blog Kitchen Stewardship, suggests creating a summer-themed Easter basket for your kids. One year, she filled her children’s baskets with flip flop sandals, swim goggles, sand shovels and swimsuits. To top it all off, she wrapped the basket in a beach towel before hiding it!

Girl swimming

Bath time

Skip the candy entirely and fill your children’s Easter baskets with items they’ll actually use. Since bath time is a regular nighttime ritual in most households, consider building a basket around stuff your kids can bring in the tub with them — rubber toys (bonus points if they’re Easter-themed!), funky bath bombs, delicious-smelling bubble bath soaps and more.

Rubber duck

Movie night

If your children love snuggling up on the couch for family movie nights, fill their Easter basket with all the essentials for a fun night in. The next time you’re out and about, grab some microwave popcorn, a few boxes of candy (like you’d get at the movie theater) and DVDs you know your children will enjoy. Set a date to relax and enjoy a new movie together.


Scavenger hunt

Instead of the traditional Easter basket or Easter egg hunt, why not combine the two?

Start with a single clue — hidden in an egg, of course — to get the party started. Direct your children to other strategically placed eggs containing clues all over your house and yard. At the end of the scavenger hunt, hide an Easter basket filled with candy, toys or arts and crafts supplies!


Garden supplies

If you’ve got a child who loves to get his or her hands dirty, consider filling a basket with all the supplies they’ll need to plant a garden this summer. Grab a few seed packets for vegetables or wildflowers, a cute pair of rain boots and some plastic gardening tools, like a shovel, trowel or rake.

If you’re trying to encourage healthy eating habits, swap out the traditional Easter candy with fresh fruits and veggies to complete the theme.


Get creative

Instead of switching up what goes in the basket, get creative with the basket itself.

Have a child who loves sports? Use a large baseball cap instead of a basket. A toddler in the house? Use a plastic toy shopping cart.

Other non-traditional basket ideas: a football helmet, a fishing tackle box, a toy wagon or a dump truck.

Football helmet

Baking bonanza

If your little ones love to help out in the kitchen, consider creating an Easter basket full of their own kitchen utensils — a set of measuring spoons, an adorable apron, a chef’s hat and cupcake liners with fun patterns. Then, schedule a baking night and get busy with a sweet treat your children love to make (and eat!).